Comparsion Of The Maze Runner And Alone At Ninety Foot

This essay will compare and contrast the plot, characters and theme of Maze Runner and Alone at Ninety Foot.

The plot of Alone at Ninety Foot is describing the life of a teenage girl who loses her mother to sucide. The book shows her trying to cope with all this trauma and emotional pain, and through the book she grows in character and becomes more independent.

On a different note the plot of The Maze Runner is a book about strength in numbers, and shows how one boy can change the outcome of everything. Thomas wakes in an elevator and is inserted into a glade in the middle of a large maze. Just like all the other boys there, he has no memory of his past. He becomes part of the group and becomes a deciding factor in escaping the maze.

The plot of both books shows a lot of death and trauma. In Maze Runner there is fear of painful and brutal deaths, rather than the fear of simply dying, which serves to control the children and limits the chances they are willing to take. In Alone at Ninety Foot there is complicated emotionally dark deaths from depression and other factors. There is a subplot of a child lost in the canyon, which seems oddly peripheral. The deaths in Alone at Ninety Foot seems to have more impact on the characters and the plot, whereas in Maze Runner the fear of dying seems to be more impactful, then the characters ability to cope with death.

In the Maze Runner friendship is fundamental. A strong sense of community based on personal relationships helps the group to survive and create a functional society, even when everything around them feels dark and hopeless. In Alone at Ninety Foot Pam is just trying to be normal and fit in with her peers. She has a few friends who help guide who through life, but they tend to be bad influences. Friendship is less apparent in Alone at Ninety Foot, but the bonds she builds with her family member are indestructible.

Both of these books have obvious conflicts that help build the story into what it is. The main conflict in the Maze Runner is Thomas and the rest of the group trying to find their way out of the maze, and attempt to figure out why they were put there. The Conflict in Alone at Ninety Foot was Pam’s inability to cope with her mother’s sucide. The two conflicts are very different, just as the plots were. Overall both the books were well thought out and the plot was dynamic and engaging.

In both books the protagonists were round and helped build the story into what it is. In the Maze Runner the main protagonist is Thomas, who is brave, loyal, and clever character with very little memory of what he was before he entered into the maze.

The protagonist in Alone at Ninety Foot is Pamela Collins. She is a sensitive, thoughtful girl, who is sensitive towards the death of her mother. She likes to be Alone at Ninety Foot, and has few friends or social skills. Throughout the book I found that Pam tended to be more a simpler being, almost trying to find herself by just thinking. She doesn’t really take action until closer to the end of the book, where she finally stands up for herself. One can see a huge amount of change from her, as she breaks the walls from which she hides her feelings behind. She finally can live with her mother’s death and slowly begins to cope with this whole life thing better. You can see an immense amount of change in her as a character and overall becomes more happy with herself.

Thomas in the Maze Runner proved to be more of a born leader then Pam. He is brave and does whatever is necessary to keep everybody alive. He is the person to care about the individual instead of the group. He is selfless and would sacrifice himself for any one of the boys. At one point in the book he breaks a crucial rule to help save Minho and Albyś life. He is basically saying that he could not just stand by and do nothing when people he cares about are in peril. He understands that lives are more important than rules and is willing to make that sacrifice.

Pam tended to be more emotionally complicated throughout the book, whereas Thomas still had emotion and empathy, but the emotions he was feeling were more due to setting in which he was placed into, and Pams were more due to the lack of friends and the loss of her mother. The characters both had good structure and had their ups and downs.

In conclusion, in both books there are many different themes that help deliver powerful messages. These themes help us grasp and understand the novel is written and builds more of a connection with it.