How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service – Detailed Reviews and Rankings

Are you facing a short deadline and can’t finish your essay writing on time? Do you need a well-researched and clearly written paper? Do you have too many assignments and could use help in getting them done on time?

Whatever the reason, you need the best essay writing service in the market. The fact you can choose between numerous services is both a blessing and a curse. You want someone who can provide a unique paper with flawless grammar and in line with your format and other requirements.

Our experts are here to assist in finding the top essay writing service currently available. We reviewed ten services and focused on their critical features. That includes quality and speed of writing, client communication, and everything else that affects user experience.

The entire point of best writing services is to simplify things for you and help you achieve desired academic goals on time. Our article helps you to discover platforms that are worth trying, so make sure to check out our reviews below.

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Top 5 Best Essay Writing Services

It is hard to find a reliable writing service these days. Any website you visit promises superb quality, fast turnaround, and adherence to your instructions. That looks different once you try the platform because you quickly realize they can't deliver false promises and can't meet your requirements. It is not that often that you encounter a team of authors that is a true gem and can exceed your expectations.

That is where our essay writing service reviews come into play. Our goal is to help you identify the platforms worth using and point out the websites to avoid. We did that by reviewing the top ten services to determine whether they are trustworthy.

Thanks to that, you can easily identify top essay writing services in the market. Please note this is the current situation on the market, and it's based on the experience we had with these websites. Nobody would be happier than us if they improve their services with time. Our experts singled out reliable platforms and author teams worth your while. Feel free to check out the detailed reviews below and find your favourite.

№ 1 EduBirdie
Raiting: 4.8/5
Payment Methods:
Price From: 14$
Deadline: 3 hours+
Country: USA
Writer: 1000+ Native Speeking Writers
Cost Estimate: $
Feature review:
EduBirdie is a professional platform that has been in business for years. It offers a simple ordering form that allows you to pick everything to the smallest preference. The platform offers writing and editing services but also does other assignments like math tasks and Excel sheets. Clients can select the desired subject, topic, and the number of pages. It is possible to add files with detailed instructions, and you can even choose premium writers for a small additional fee. The authors honour the deadline and can deliver complex assignments in as little as several hours.
A wide range of verified and experienced writers.
№ 2 PapersOwl
Raiting: 4.7/5
Payment Methods:
Price From: 18$
Deadline: 3 hours+
Country: USA
Writer: 700-800 Native Speeking Writers
Cost Estimate: $
Feature review:
It's nice to see that the ordering process is streamlined. You can pick the desired essay type on the homepage, and there are dozens of categories available. Once you enter your e-mail, the system will offer multiple writers that fit your requirements. It's even possible to read samples from every writer to get to know their qualities better. The authors can answer multiple format requirements and deliver high-quality papers written from scratch. It is worth noting the website is secure and offers encrypted transactions and maximum discretion.
A reliable all-around writing service for all assignment types.
№ 3 GradesFixer
Raiting: 4.6/5
Payment Methods:
Price From: 15$
Deadline: 3 hours+
Country: USA
Writer: Over 500 Native Speeking Writers
Cost Estimate: $
Feature review:
From the moment you visit GradesFixer, it will become evident the service is there to help students achieve their academic objectives. The website offers a comprehensive base of essays written by other students. You simply enter a keyword and browse the digital library with thousands of papers. If you need professional assistance with writing an essay, you can count on various fantastic writers that excel in different niches. They can meet the instructions to the smallest detail, including providing citations and adhering to APA, MLA, and other formats. Ultimately, GradesFixer can be the only writing service you need throughout the entire academic career.
A service that provides plenty of bang for the buck.
№ 4 StudyMoose
Raiting: 4.5/5
Payment Methods:
Price From: 14$
Deadline: 3 hours+
Country: USA
Writer: Over 500 Native Speeking Writers
Cost Estimate: $
Feature review:
StudyMoose finds the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Not only their website looks great, but it offers more than 100,000 sample essays listed in different categories. If you want a custom paper, you can order it via the smart AI assistant Amy. She will guide you through the ordering process and gather information like the topic, deadline, and the number of pages required. The entire experience is unique and pleasant, and you can rest assured the writers are trustworthy. StudyMoose picks each author carefully and ensures they can meet even the most demanding client expectations.
A unique ordering system with an AI assistant as your guidance.
№ 5 Paperell
Raiting: 4.5/5
Payment Methods:
Price From: 13$
Deadline: 3 hours+
Country: USA
Writer: 500-600 Native Speeking Writers
Cost Estimate: $
Feature review:
Don't get fooled by the simple website design because Paperell provides advanced and comprehensive writing service. No niche and topic are too challenging for their advanced authors, who have years of experience in writing essays. If you want uncompromised quality and an essay that will impress your tutor, you can choose Premium and Platinum writers for an extra fee. Paperell can also assist with editing the paper you've already written to ensure the grammar is flawless and the content flow is optimal. Feel free to be as detailed with your requests as desired – the seasoned authors will ensure to follow all instructions to the smallest detail.
All-around writing and editing services in different niches.
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Essay Writing Service You Should Avoid
+1 hour
GradeMiners Review
It all sounds amazing once you visit the GradeMiners' homepage. They promise to deliver essays in as little as 60 minutes while maintaining originality and confidentiality. The only thing that they provide is discretion. It happens for the company to miss deadlines and be late with essays, but an even bigger problem is that they often don't follow instructions. That is a big problem for students who need a paper that answers specific requirements and is written in a particular format. Although they have been in business for over a decade, it doesn't seem GradeMiners are still up to the highest standards of this industry.
+1 hour
MasterPapers Review
MasterPapers is proof that fast turnaround isn't everything for essay writing services. Yes, you can get your paper in less than 60 minutes, but it will often be below the expected standards. That means not honouring the specified requirements, and we even noticed poor English in some essays written by their authors. The company's trying to be responsive, and they offer around the clock support. It is also nice they don't charge extra formatting and bibliography extra, but there is still plenty of room to work on writing quality.
+1 hour
PayForEssay Review
PayForEssay will need to try harder when selecting writers for their platform. Our team placed several orders and had different experiences. Some authors were unresponsive, and it took much longer than promised to deliver the article, and only a couple of them were on time. Unfortunately, that didn't help much because there were minor grammar errors and off-topic discussion in the papers. It will take a lot of time and effort to explain what you expect from the assignment – that means you might be better off writing your essay. The positive side is that the website works flawlessly, and the ordering system is simple. However, that won't help much until PayforEssay doesn't improve their team.
+1 hour
SameDayEssay Review
It all starts like a fairytale with SameDayEssay. The ordering process is simple; you can choose the type of work, subject, and academic level in a couple of seconds. The price depends on urgency, and you need to pay extra for top and premium writers. That is where we encounter a problem – the additional cost makes your paper much more expensive than with similar services. If you choose "regular" writers, the odds are you will receive a paper filled with grammar errors, and you don't want that in your academic essay. We also noticed minor issues with missing deadlines and not honouring instructions, which shouldn't happen at the high prices the authors require at this website.
+1 hour
EssayWriter Review
We assume that the reason why you need a top essay writing service is that you don't want to deal with the stress of writing an academic assignment. While you might not be writing the task, dealing with EssayWriter won't eliminate the stress. Instead, you can only become annoyed once you see the authors missed their turnaround deadline and failed to follow formatting and other instructions provided. That means this is not a company to rely on if you need a high-quality essay quickly. The authors might be suitable for simple assignments, but those who require a complex task should consider looking for an alternative.

You Want the Best Essay Writers Working on Your Papers!

Here is the key point – if you need help writing a paper, you want it handled by an expert author in that niche. That means you want someone with an academic degree writing your dissertation and experienced writers assisting with various essay types.

Why Are You Doing Essay Service Reviews?

Our reviews’ entire point is to help you find the best authors to work on your assignments. Our detailed reviews of online essay writing services aim to make the job of finding a reliable platform easier for the students. That means you won’t have to spend days determining which website suits your expectations. Instead, you can read a single article and get to know all details on the leading services on the internet.

We left no stone unturned while doing the reviews. That means our experts covered every single detail to determine if a platform is trustworthy and reliable for your academic writing projects. The primary thing to ensure is that you can trust the site regardless of the writing level you require. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple high-school essay or advanced college term paper – the quality should remain uncompromised.

Why Should I Trust Your Judgment?

Our team understands how essay writing services work because we used professional author assistance for term papers ourselves. As writers who used to be students that required help with their essays, we know the critical factors when searching for a paper writing service.

Here are some other reasons why we are different from other writing reviews:

  • Detailed – we focus on every critical detail and mention anything that could affect writing platforms’ service quality.
  • Unbiased – our team is independent, and we are not related or owned by a particular company. That allows us to provide objective reviews.
  • Accurate – we offer accurate and updated information because we double-check every fact and update our reviews regularly.
  • Right to the point – our experts don’t beat around the bushes but always deliver honest information supported by facts.

Can Things Change in the Future?

People often ask us if the quality of a particular writing service can change over time. The answer is yes – they might gather the best online essay writers or improve communication with clients. We would be glad if they saw our feedback and decided to do something. That is why we offer information that is accurate at the moment of writing the article. As time passes, we will update the reviews with any information that might change in the meantime.

Why Best Paper Writing Services Can Handle Any Assignment

The answer is because they are the best in the business. Unfortunately, the school system is too burdening for students from high school to academic levels. The lack of time to understand the topic and write a high-quality paper is often the reason why they need help with their assignment.

An essay writing website should be capable of assisting with any task type. That includes simple high school literature reviews but also complex academic essays. Furthermore, students aren’t the only clients of paper writing services. You will often find business professionals looking for assistance in writing a fantastic speech or preparing a PowerPoint presentation to impress their partners.

Since companies often receive various requests from clients, they need to gather a team of experienced and skilled writers. They should have advanced knowledge in many niches ranging from economics and law to art and literature. Whatever your requirement is, the website should have a writer to create a custom paper from scratch on the topic.

Our best essay writing service reviews are there to confirm you find trustworthy authors that can assist with any assignment. That is a proven recipe to achieving your academic goals!

best services by year

It’s not easy to find platforms offering the best essay writing services. Since we write reviews, we know how hectic it can be to sift through various criteria on these platforms. The hardest part about searching is the numerous reviews you’ll come across online.

That’s because, in quite a few cases, you’ll find that different sites offer contrasting reviews about the same service provider. And on top of that, you also find that customer reviews aren’t reliable.

We know that students are working under tight schedules. So, finding the time to do due diligence on a prospective service provider just isn’t possible.

That makes it very easy to land on a platform promising to offer the best essay writing service, yet they know they don’t. So, in the end, you lose your hard-earned money with nothing to show for it. That’s why we started our site.


How We Can Help

By having reviews on several service providers, we save you precious time. You no longer have to worry about which platforms have fake reviews and which ones are legitimate. We undertake a rigorous vetting process to ensure our reviews give a complete picture of the service provider you’re interested in.

Whether they’re a great, average, or unprofessional platform, we won’t mince words. You can trust that our rating of a site is what that platform has to offer.

A Brief Look At Our Processes

To create our reviews and come up with ratings, we have a dedicated team on board. They check a platform’s various services and even go as far as testing out the service provider by placing an order. By doing this, we’re able to get a first-hand look at aspects such as:

  • Ease of making an order
  • Range of services offered, whether paid or free
  • Customer support efficiency
  • Communication options available between writers and clients
  • Assigned writers’ adherence to deadlines
  • Quality of the submitted papers
  • Ease of collecting your paper

Something that helps us stand out from the rest is we regularly update our reviews. Then, if need be, we will edit a service provider’s rating as necessary. Part of our team is tasked with ensuring that the reviews we’ve done stay as current as possible. So, you’ll never find a review that has outdated information on our platform.

The Factors We Compare

While we research essay writing providers claiming to offer the best writing services, there are factors we tend to focus more on. That’s because they’re what determine whether a provider is worth looking at.

  • Prices – How much a specific service costs will be the first thing students look at when checking an essay writing site. It determines whether a site can offer the ideal services within the student’s budget or not.
  • Writers – Since the orders made need to be delivered in English, the fluency of the writers on that site matters. Besides that, it’s important to ensure the writers also have adequate qualifications to work on papers for various academic levels.
  • Plagiarism – Uniqueness is a must when it comes to article writing services. Therefore, any legitimate essay writing service provider must conduct plagiarism checks on the submitted papers before sending them to the client.
  • Confidentiality – Privacy while getting your order worked on is important. Our reviews ensure you know exactly which details the writers on a given platform can see about you once they get assigned to your order.
  • Customer support – Whether you have a tight deadline or you have a query, we feel that a platform with reliable support is worth looking at. Better yet, a platform with 24/7 support means you can make orders any time with ease.
  • Bonuses and discounts – Very few students have a steady cash flow to make orders. That’s why we indicate whenever platforms offer discounts or have bonuses which can help you still make orders whenever you’re low on funds.

Without the above details, our reviews on the best writing service would lack the depth of information necessary to help students make the right choice.

We also highly recommend visiting the proven Essay Writing Service of our friends.


Choosing One Service Provider Over Another

We’ve taken on the role of making sure students don’t get conned whenever they need essay writing services. As such, we do not accept payments from essay writer service platforms that would like a good review.

We also do not request that these platforms pay us to get good ratings on our site. All the information we provide is based on our experience with the site. No biases play a role in the information we provide you with.

We do not tell you which site is the best match for you since everyone has different needs. However, by laying out the facts, we’re confident you can manage the decision-making process on your own. Let’s say, for instance, that you need a site that only hires native English speakers as their essay writers. From our reviews of different sites, you will quickly know which platforms offer that. So, you can work with them.

What Determines Our Choice

Thanks to the processes we use to create reviews, nothing is left to chance. We pick popular sites to review first since these are what students will see as the first few results on their search page. Then, we work our way to less known sites. However, you can also get in touch and let us know which sites you’re familiar with. You could even tell us the platforms you’d like to know more about.

At the end of the day, we ensure you know which paper writing service providers have professional essay writers and offer the service delivery students need. It’s not just about high-ranking sites on search results. From our experience, we’ve reviewed low-ranking sites that deliver superb quality.

Other Factors We Consider

Besides the criteria we mentioned earlier, below are a few more areas we look at. The details can be found within individual reviews, giving you a clearer picture of where to go. They include the:

  • Range of services offered
  • Ability to do rush orders
  • Available payment options
  • Refund policies
  • User-friendliness of the platform
  • Transparency of the site’s terms and conditions