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What does the acronym MBA stand for and what do the best MBA essays look like?

The acronym MBA means Masters in Business Administration or Master of Business Administration. This graduate degree centers on overseeing and operating businesses. No matter the stage of your application, whether you’re just applying or are currently studying for an MBA, you’ll have to know how to write an MBA essay and all that entails in terms of format and content, etc.

Typical MBA essay types for MBA applications

  1. Aspirations essay – this MBA essay type can be seen on the majority of MBA applications. The purpose of an aspirations essay is to demonstrate your goals and motivations to the school. This also should include a section on what you plan to do after completing the MBA. Aspirations essays take on various forms and word counts, depending on the school you apply to. You might have a title to answer like: How would an MBA help you succeed in your desired career path?
  2. Self-study essay – with this type of essay, you’ll be expected to reflect on yourself. In setting this type of essay, the school wants to know about you, your character, and what influences you. You might have to answer a title like: what was the biggest decision you ever made?
  3. Essay of contribution – with this essay type, the business school can see what you would bring to the table if you became a student at that business school. You might see a title like: why should you be a student in our 2022 cohort?
  4. Essay on leadership – this MBA essay format requires you to communicate your potential, often by sharing an anecdote from your life so far. A title might look like this: what are you most proud of?

What do good MBA essays look like?


You’ve got a title and you’re ready to write but are sitting wondering what do good MBA essays look like? Let’s explore this.

Before we go into this, you must be prepared for this to take some time and you should never leave an essay until the day before it’s due!

Here are some tips on how to write an MBA essay:

    1. Be introspective. No matter the MBA essay format, always think about why you chose to do the course, why you have chosen this school, and why you have chosen this moment in your life. Bearing this in mind will make for a better essay.
    2. Decide what structure you’re going to follow. Just like other essay types, MBA essays need a structure that includes an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. You should use about 60% of the word count on the main section and split the remaining 40% between the introduction and conclusion.
    3. Limit your time. You might think this is a strange thing to say but less is actually more when it comes to essay writing. It is possible to overthink and overedit.
    4. Show your character – if you’re writing an admissions MBA essay, the committee will like seeing your personality come through in your words.
    5. Finally, get someone else to read it and give you feedback. It’s really easy not to spot our own errors! If you have no one to read it, you can use the Microsoft Word function that reads it back to you! It really helps.

MBA Essay Help

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Why choose Essaysonline –key features

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Is it within the law to ask for MBA essay help?

Yes. Essaysonline couldn’t operate if it was illegal to provide an MBA essay writing service.

How can I find professional essay writers?

This is easy! Simply head to Essaysonline and we can match you up with an expert essay writer.

Where do I go for the best MBA essay writers?

At Essaysonline we only use the most professional MBA essay writers so you know you are going to have your work done by a brilliant writer.

How much does a ten-page essay cost?

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