Security Policy

The following are statements that define, outline, and explain our security policies regarding all the information collected by our website as you visit it.

By this statement, we guarantee visitors of our website absolute confidentiality of any information gathered while they are on our site. Such information shall not be shared with any third parties. Our website collects and stores data purely for noncommercial purposes. The data we collect is used to enhance the quality of service delivery, including and not limited to improved customer support.

The information collected by our website is used to improve the quality of content on our web pages. We assure all our visitors that the information collected will not be shared, sold, or rented to any third party without consent.

The kind of information that we collect as you browse:

Our website collects the regular information as other commercial websites. Such information includes your IP address, operating system, browser type, and time of accessing our website.

We may occasionally use cookies to customize the web pages based on any relevant information that we have collected when browsing.

About Cookies

Definition of cookies: Cookies are text files that we use to identify individual machines visiting our website. Cookies are unable to identify an individual user of our website; they can only identify the individual computer accessing our web pages. Several commercial websites use cookies to help in improving website evaluation and analysis of traffic.

The cookies that we collect on our website reveal the areas in which the computer has visited our website and the amount of time spent on different web pages. All users can enable or disable cookies when using our website. There is also an option to get notifications whenever cookies are used on our website. Visitors also have the option of blocking cookies completely. In such cases, visitors cannot get personalized services that depend on cookies.

Use of Optional Information

From time to time, when navigating through our website, you may be asked to provide personal information, which included and is not limited to name, email address, location, etc. These pieces of personal information may be a prerequisite to getting a specified service from our website. Kindly note that the personal information offered voluntarily can only be used for purposes intended to improve the user experience on our web pages. You can rest assured that such details will never be shared with any third party. We never rent, sell, or share personal information on our website. Apart from the service rendered using personal information, we may use it for market research purposes only.

If you reach our customer care representatives using your email, we will only use the email to reply to your query. We will not share the information with other websites or any third party.

Future Developments

In the future, for purposes of improving our service delivery, we may use the information provided for other purposes that have not been disclosed in our privacy policy. When such changes occur, we will post the changes immediately before implementing them.

It is important to note that when such changes arise, the use of the information will only be from the time of the new policy change onwards. Never shall we use previously acquired information after effecting a new security policy change.

If you have concerns about your privacy, always refer back to this page regularly to see any updates.


Our website has put security measures that protect our visitors against misuse, loss, or identity theft.

Links Disclaimer

In a bid to provide quality and specific content, we may refer our visitors to other websites such as stage agencies and reputable websites for information. Kindly note that our sharing of such links does not mean that we endorse the services, opinions, viewpoints, or accessibility offered on those sites. When you click on the link, you will be subjected to the terms and conditions of that website. Our privacy policy shall not be enforced when you are out of our website.

Disclosures Prohibited

All the information acquired from employers and employees shall be exclusively used by the commissioner in the discharge of his/her duties outlined hereunder. The information shall not be open for the public or be used in any court proceeding unless the commissioner is a party to the proceeding, which it may be at his/her discretion to use such materials.

Will Our Privacy Policy Change in the Future?

We may alter our privacy policy in the future in line with our commitment to enhancing the user experience through the delivery of quality services. As we add new changes, our users will be notified of the sections changed. Always refer back to this page if anything is unclear about our privacy policy.