Film Techniques In Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is a story about a young man’s struggle to find his place in the world by first finding out who he truly is. Matt Damon plays a character by the name of Will Hunting, who is... Read More>>

Use Of Marine Animals In Amusement Parks

The daily implementation of various marine animals such as dolphins and orcas in water parks across America is both detrimental, and non-profitable for such aquatic amusement park companies in toda... Read More>>

The Views Of Abelard And Anselm On Jesus Christ

Christianity has gone through many theories of salvation and religions have branched out solely for the differences in theories of salvation. Different theories argue on the most important aspect o... Read More>>

Heloise’s Character In The Letters Of Abelard And Heloise

The Letters of Abelard and Heloise recount the story of a great scholar in the Twelfth-century Renaissance, and his relationship with one of his pupils. The letters reveal details about everyday li... Read More>>

A Critical Review Of Jazz Combos Concert

The UCLA Jazz Combos concert was held at the University of California, Los Angeles at 7:00 pm Friday, November 22 (UCLA). This concert was performed in the Schoenberg Music Building at UCLA campus ... Read More>>

A Review Of The Movie The Martian

A crew of astronauts just got caught in a horrible storm on Mars, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets left behind on Mars because his crew members think he is dead. Mark Watney is left on Mars ... Read More>>

A Reflection On My First Jazz Concert

In 2019 I attended my first Jazz concert at Rice University as the Painted Band had their first concert of the fall semester with particular guest trumpeter player. The Painted band performed twelv... Read More>>

Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone

Books, stories, etc. offer alternateinsights to someone’s writing, by providinga wide perception of a given topic for viewers. Writers allow readers to have a chance to dig into a problemR... Read More>>

Will Smith – The Most Dominant Entertainer In Hollywood

In light of Willard Carroll (Will) Smith, Jr’s. difficult work and devotion to being an entertainer, comic, maker, rapper, and lyricist, he became what they call, ‘the most dominant ent... Read More>>

The Importance Of Environmentalism

Sometimes in order to see change and revolutionize, it is necessary to challenge an idea. In 1962, that is exactly what Rachel Carson did with the publication of her book, Silent Spring, which was ... Read More>>

Carl Jung’s Theories And Medicine

Eastern and Western medicine have been trying to achieve wholistic health through different means for over a hundred years. As time moves forward, the West is accepting Eastern practice more and mo... Read More>>

Strauss And Wilde’s Salome

One who might consider themselves a fan of opera might be familiar with the notoriously unfair treatment that is often received by the female characters in opera. As Catherine Clement says in the b... Read More>>

Bishop’s Exploration Of Identity

The study of past artists, from poets and authors to painters and musicians, makes it possible to consider the entire course of their lives and place their work in some sort of context. The case of... Read More>>

Sexual Disorders In The Fifty Shades Of Grey

Before the APA’s publication of the 5th Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2013, few mental health professionals would have been able to properly distinguish ... Read More>>

Arguments Presented In The Documentary Blackfish

The documentary Blackfish exposes the practices of SeaWorld with pertinent consideration to the unethical captivity of orcas. The film provides numerous arguments in support of outlawing orcas bein... Read More>>

Seminar On Women In Organizations And Politics

Within the frame of diversity and intercultural management, the focus of this seminar work will be on women in organizations and politics. Since diversity is one of the top priorities of managers, ... Read More>>

A Research On Carl Jung And His Views In Psychology

Carl Jung was a psychologist who gained notoriety in the early twentieth century. As a student of Freud, Jung built his own views of personality and the unconscious. Like his mentor, his name is ea... Read More>>

A Reflection On The Graduate Jazz Quartet Concert

For the Jazz/World concert, I went to the one here at FHSU on November 21st. The wardrobe choice is much different than the typical formal wear for a classical concert. Before the concert, the Grad... Read More>>

The Pain Of Loss In One Art By Elizabeth Bishop

The poem “One Art” written by Elizabeth Bishop surrounds the poem’s entire purpose starting from the first words read which is the title, (One) to remove the pain of loss by first evening out... Read More>>

Syrian Refugees’ Immigration To European Countries

Since the initial protests in 2011, the Syrian civil conflict with deep rooted ties to the Euphrates river basin drought and resulting famine has been the scene of a pseudo-proxy war with several p... Read More>>

The Main Messages In The Sermon On The Mount

The book of Mathew is known as one of the four canonical gospels in the Bible. Canon refers to the historical writings chosen by the church to serve as sacred scripture. Mathew is one of the books ... Read More>>

Low Fidelity And High Fidelity In Medical Students

Low fidelity stimulation is used to teach students basic skills like IV insertion, IM injections, etc. High fidelity is used to teach students critical thinking with different scenarios that may ha... Read More>>

A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Documentary Blackfish

Performing a rhetorical analysis means examining how an author makes his or her case. This means, dissecting the argument to analyze the logos, ethos, and pathos within the piece. If done correctly... Read More>>

Classic Film: Good Will Hunting

The classic film, “Good Will Hunting” directed by Gus Van Sant in 1997 portrays the theme of abandonment and trust using characterization and point of view. I chose this film because it appeale... Read More>>

A Review Of Good Will Hunting

How can individuals flourish when they are faced with psychological anguish? Mental trauma is unquestionably stigmatized; the media tends to distance itself from this taboo theme. Gus Van Sant’s ... Read More>>

The Life And Musical Legacy Of Bob Marley

Bob Marley was an African Icon. He was one of the biggest stars of reggae music and made this genre of music more popular. Bob Marley’s life, career, and death all impact the world. Bob’s music... Read More>>

A Pair Of Silk Stockings And Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Although written in different periods, both Kate Chopin’s A Pair of Silk Stockings and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Bernice Bobs Her Hair portray a shift in femininity in American culture. In each nar... Read More>>

Particular Film Elements In The Documentary Blackfish

Blackfish, a documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite is a documentary about a imprisoned killer whale that has taken several lives of people and that disgreements surrounding the sea-world a... Read More>>

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Global Impact And Sustainable Solutions The Syrian civil war dated March 15, 2011 has been the largest humanitarian crisis since the World War II. It has affected hundreds of... Read More>>

Comparative Analysis Of The Braveheart And The Patriot

There are several similarities and differences between the movies Braveheart and The Patriot. Braveheart is a 1995 American epic war film directed and co-produced by Mel Gibson, who portrays Willia... Read More>>

The Issue Of Pesticides In Silent Spring

Since the early 1940s, chemicals were being used to benefit humanity as a means of eradicating pests throughout the world. The most common chemical that was being used at the time was DDT, dichloro... Read More>>

Bob Marley As A Modern Day Antigone

Everyday a new rebel rises and a new person with something to fight for stands up for what they believe in. There is a common trait connecting all rebels, they are brave. It is that trait of braver... Read More>>

Analysis Of The Prerequisites Of Willy Loman’s Death

Willy Loman’s thoughts on success are that a man can, “Walk into the jungle, and come out, at the age of twenty-one, and he’s rich!”. He insists finding success is as easy as wanting it. In... Read More>>

Critical Film Review: The Martian

The Martian, 151 minutes of thought-provoking science, controversial decisions about space and futuristic science applications humans have yet to develop. Matt Damon successfully captures how lonel... Read More>>

A Review Of The Little Prince

“Le Petit Prince” narrates the timeless tale of a little boy, struggling with the complexities of love, loss and friendship. It is a book that spoke to my soul. The Little Prince is a book for ... Read More>>

Blackfish by Director Gabriella Cowperthwait

The documentary Blackfish created by Director Gabriella Cowperthwaite explores long-held misconceptions and the harmful living conditions for orca whales at Seaworld, causing the whales to lash out... Read More>>

Hemingway’s Snows Of Kilimanjaro

The way Heminway represent the female gender in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” is how he thought of women in the past. All of that because of his mother, Grace Hall Hemingway, was a domineering typ... Read More>>

Reflection On The In-class Jazz Concert

The in-class jazz concert was a delightful experience. I enjoyed seeing how much fun the students were having while playing music. The instruments which took part of it were the bass, drums, piano,... Read More>>

Analys of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

The novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is a novel that can be critiqued about so many things. What the novel can be debated on is the way that the main character Jim Hawkins changes th... Read More>>

Comparing Of John Williams And Richard Wagner

The composers chosen for this essay are John Williams and Richard Wagner. The reason these composers were chosen was because there are some memories attached to Star Wars.  Richard Wagner, was bor... Read More>>

The Hot Zone Book By Richard Preston

The Hot Zone is a book written by Richard Preston. Richard Preston is an American writer that has written over a dozen books both fiction and non-fiction. The Hot Zone is a book of non-fiction base... Read More>>

Analysis Of Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro

It is easy to get lost in a world of fiction to avoid reality and fantasy is frequently utilized by humans in art to make sense of harsher, more realistic subjects. Acclaimed director Guillermo Del... Read More>>

Pan’s Labyrinth By Guillermo Del Toro

Movies are not just great stories; they could also be beautiful art galleries. It is impossible to get bored watching beautiful scenes, amazing photography, powerful lines and the most important as... Read More>>

Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier

According to Bob Marley, “If you know your history, Then you would know where you’re coming from, Then you wouldn’t have to ask me, Who the heck do I think I am?.” In other words, i... Read More>>

William Wallace’s Speech In The Braveheart

Braveheart is a highly rated and extremely popular film from May 19, 1995. It tells the true story of the events of William Wallace. William Wallace was a famous Scottish warrior shrouded in rumors... Read More>>

Bob Marley And The Wailers: The Impact On Society

During this report we will be able to identify, who is Bob Marely and The Wailer? Why did this band have such an impact on the music world, in a way that allows their music to be relevant to today�... Read More>>

West Side Story And The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

William Shakespeare’s drama, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is about a young and passionate teenager who goes against his family to marry his lover. The film, West Side Story, directed by Ro... Read More>>

Pathos And Ethos In The Blackfish Documentary

The controversial documentary “Blackfish”, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite peaked in popularity seven years ago in 2013, when it was originally released. Blackfish tells us the story of kill... Read More>>

A Reader Response To The Little Prince

The novel titled The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French pilot who was crash in Sahara Dessert, is about the narrator, a pilot, crash-lands his plane in t... Read More>>

The Death Of A Salesman

Why is it that the American dream is achievable for some, but for others, it’s a lifelong journey that doesn’t seem to end? The American dream, is an opportunity for prosperity and succ... Read More>>

The Letters Of Abelard And Heloise

The medieval European societies were noticeably characterized by Christian ideas in almost every aspect of life. When start to read “The Letters of Abelard and Heloise”, one can feelastonished ... Read More>>

African Music On Modern American Music

LeRoi Jones once said that “if the Negro represents, or is symbolic of, something in and about the nature of American culture, this certainly should be revealed by his characteristic music.” Mu... Read More>>

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

In To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson is murdered for a crime he did not even commit. Tom is a strong young man who works on the farm of Mr. Link Deas. During the late 1930’s ... Read More>>

Music Genres In African Slave Narratives

When one types in Olaudah in a google search bar, a lot of suggestions come up concerning his book, or his narrative which shows that as a writer, and a story teller he is highly recognized for his... Read More>>

Analysis And Review Of Braveheart By Mel Gibson

The name of this movie is Braveheart and was directed by Mel Gibson, he’s also the actor of the main character called William Wallace. The movie is a historical war movie with some romantic parts... Read More>>

A Report On The Movie Braveheart

Braveheart is an American movie made in 1995 and it is directed and produced by Mel Gibson. It is a longfilm and it’s around three hours long. I would describe the genre as a historical drama, ro... Read More>>

Review Of The Film Braveheart

1995, Mel Gibson made a movie called Braveheart. The movie is 3 hours and 2 minutes long and it’s directed by Mel Gibson himself who also plays the main character William Wallace. Mel Gibson was ... Read More>>

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

Silent Spring is a book the environment written by Rachel Carson. This book concentrated on the worry of pesticides that enterprises have been dumping (purposely and unconsciously) into water toget... Read More>>

A Modern Day Romeo And Juliet

West Side Story is a musical in which brings a variety of feelings could be easily compared to that of a roller coaster. Two gangs the Sharks and the Jets despise one another and are forced to shar... Read More>>

Deteriorating Mind In Death Of A Salesman

A society filled with white collar workers and money driven minds can influence those individuals around to follow suit. Although following those individuals deemed as successful or success driven ... Read More>>

How Jaws Became An Industry-changing Film

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term ‘blockbuster’ is ‘a thing of great power or size, in particular a film, book, or other product that is a great commercial success.’ The ... Read More>>

Stereotypes In The Movie Rapunzel

Everyone likes to share some giggles with family and the movie Tangled gives its audience an enjoyable laugh, but when broken down, the message conveyed to the viewers isn’t a good one. The ideas... Read More>>

Alzheimer’s Disease In The Film The Notebook

Memory loss and cognitive decline are common symptoms among people diagnosed with Dementia. Over time, these primary symptoms progress (Alzheimer’s disease) and often lead to inadequate self-care... Read More>>

The Myth Of Perseus And Medusa In Art

There is a famous Greek myth about Perseus and Medusa. In Greek mythology, the Greek hero beheaded Medusa. A representation of this myth is present in the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. It is a pain... Read More>>

Symbolism In Chekhov’s Poetry

The journey of a fictional character is written to reflect the ways of the author’s culture. The author uses symbolisms of common things to represent or convey a greater message subtly to the rea... Read More>>

Gender Roles In The Movies

“Women can’t fight!” “Men can’t lead!” “She’s too emotional” He’s so brave!”. These are sayings that represent many stereotypes and continue to be said and our society today. ... Read More>>

A Review Of The Movie Jaws

The American Hollywood film Jaws is an acute example of a thriller when it comes to extravagating plot twists, unpredicted moments and times where the disruption in the equilibrium is so powerful i... Read More>>

Gendered Dynamics In Rapunzel

In “Rapunzel” Brothers Grimm depict the harsh reality of gendered dynamics with a female’s need for a heroic male to satisfy her desires. The brothers do this through the select details of th... Read More>>

Cinematic Elements In The Notebook

In The Notebook, Noah is the epitome of how fundamental it is for a man to obtain true love. This film holds my attention because through all the obstacles Noah and Allie had to face, they ended up... Read More>>

Thomas As A Hero In The Maze Runner

Imagine waking up in the center of a dark giant metal-like crate with no memory and not knowing where you are. Painful bangs from the metal crate, you shifting side to side. Getting out of the meta... Read More>>

Review Of The Film District 9

The film District 9, directed by Neil Blomkamp, recounts the story of Wikus Van De Merwe’s transformation from human to an alien prawn. Wikus, played by Sharlto Copley, is an MNU officer, in ... Read More>>

Deportation And Family Separation

In many occurences, immigration often times for most cases leads to the separation of many families when fleeing their country to come to the U.S for a “better life” or for asylum. Although for... Read More>>

Kingdom Of Matthias A Narrative Of Religious Fanaticism

Religion is something that is strongly rooted in the American society. The Kingdom of Matthias is a story about the rise and fall of a religious cult; the Patriarchical Kingdom of Truth narrated by... Read More>>

Analysis Of Rapunzel By The Brothers Grimm

The aim of this essay is to deconstruct the classic folk-tale “Rapunzel/Rampion” With specific attention to the Brothers Grimm iteration from their seventh version of the ​Kinder- und Hausmä... Read More>>

The Role Of Friendship In Achieving Success

Is it easier or harder to achieve success independently? In The Maze Runner, James Dashner creates the theme of friendship to reach goals throughout the novel. In the story, a person versus person ... Read More>>

Characters In The Lady With The Dog

A vacation is the perfect escape from a harsh or dull reality. Anton Chekhov authored the story “The Lady With the Dog”, which introduces two characters who could really use a perfect getaway. ... Read More>>

A Report On The Book The Maze Runner

Introduction To most, the world The Maze Runner by James Dashner appears as a fantasy world but in reality, The Maze Runner is a situation that Earth will be in very soon. The series has many place... Read More>>

Logical Fallacies To Depict Mother Gothel

Fallacies are common errors in reasoning that will undermine the logic of any argument. The understanding of the nature of logical fallacies and their presence in various arguments can be considere... Read More>>

People’s Life In The Early 1800s

In the early 19th century, the United States began a dramatic economic transformation that would eventually touch the lives of nearly every American. Many people say that the Market Revolution, the... Read More>>

The Speech What To The Slave Is The 4th Of July

 It was in the 4th century B.C.E when Greek philosopher Aristotle decided to assemble the mind on the arts of rhetoric device, including three very persuasive appeals, ethos, pathos, and logos. Th... Read More>>

Critical Review Of The Film Jaws

The film “JAWS” was a 1975 summer blockbuster that terrified a large percentage of people from entering the depths of the water. “JAWS” is about one shark that finds a great feeding place o... Read More>>

The Impact Of Market Revolution On People’s Life

In the time of the early nineteenth century, America was going through a time of economic, social, and religious turmoil that would shape the way they live. The book, The Kingdom of Matthias, tells... Read More>>

Structure And Point Of View In The Film District 9

The genre of science fiction is essentially an imaginative contest which can consist of scientific discoveries, life on other planets, extraterrestrial invasion, or environmental changes. Stories o... Read More>>

Religion In The Kingdom Of Matthias

The Kingdom of Matthias, a book written on nineteenth century America by Paul E. Johnson and Sean Wilentz, depicts the shaping of American lives through economic, social, and religious aspects. Mov... Read More>>

Film Techniques Used By Steven Spielberg In Jaws

A POV allows the viewers to see through the eyes of a certain character; almost like first person perspective. The audience of the movie Jaws experiences this multiple times, even through the persp... Read More>>

Overview Of The Main Discourses In The Film District 9

District 9 is seemingly involved with the arrival of extra-terrestrials in urban center, that explores notions of regulative management and economic control in ordinal century neoliberal Republic o... Read More>>

Chekhov’s Interpretation Of Love

Chekhov’s Interpretation Of Love In The Lady With The Dog, The Darling, And The Grasshopper Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s stories express great emotions. The theme Chekhov picks for his stories... Read More>>

Analysis of Rapunzel

Does anyone really know the perspectives behind the story Rapunzel? In the fairytale, which is written by the Brothers Grimm, the reader reads about a girl who is taken from her parents by an encha... Read More>>

The Methods Of Creation Of Suspense And Tension In The Film Jaws

The film “Jaws” directed by Stephen Spielberg, based on the novel by Peter Benchely, is a thriller about a great white shark that terrorizes tourists on Amity beach. The opening of a film is im... Read More>>

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Comparison Of The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County And The Devil And Tom Walker Although “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” by Mark Twain develops its theme of one doe... Read More>>

A Review Of The Movie The Notebook

The Notebook is a heart wrenching love story directed by Nick Cassavetes based on a best-selling Nicholas Sparks novel. The movie focuses on the test of young love between Noah Calhoun and Allie Ha... Read More>>

Delete My Love

Almost everyone in my family is musically inclined, and like them I am too. My dad used to play the bandurria; while my mom used to play the violin. My sister plays the Marimba while my grandma and... Read More>>

A Review Of The Maze Runner By James Dashner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a story about a boy whose name is Thomas. He wakes up in the dark of an elevator with no other memories than his name. When the elevator doors open, he finds him... Read More>>

Poverty And Social Inequality In Good Will Hunting

The film, ‘Good Will Hunting’ directed by Gus Van Sant and played by Matt Damon, was about an unknown genius who, as part of a disrupted trial after assaulting a police officer, he beco... Read More>>

Bertrand Russell’s And Phillip’s Critiques On Sense Data

There are some problems in philosophy; such as an explanation of the physical world on which every philosopher has a different point of view. Bertrand Russell’s “The problems of philosophy” a... Read More>>

The Hero’s Journey In The Maze Runner

The hero’s journey can be presented to the audience in different forms. Not all hero’s journey appears as superheroes, the film “The Maze Runner” does a great job and showing that you do no... Read More>>

Transition From Childhood To Adulthood In The Fern Hill

As children, we tend to see the world in a better light than when we become adults. As children, the negative aspects in life are hidden as if camouflaged and the positive aspects pop out to us as ... Read More>>