Reflection On The In-class Jazz Concert

The in-class jazz concert was a delightful experience.

I enjoyed seeing how much fun the students were having while playing music. The instruments which took part of it were the bass, drums, piano, trombone, and tenor saxophone. The drums mostly caught my attention, the drummer was good at keeping a steady beat, and his solos were very rhythmic. The swing syncopation, and improvisation, helped to keep a great rhythm during the performance.

The name of the first song was “I’ve Got Rhythm,” written by George Gershwin. This song has become one of the most famous songs ever written. The song itself originally featured in the musicals Treasure Girl, and Girl Crazy, but became famous around the world when it appeared in Gene Kelly’s 1951 film “An American in Paris.” It followed an AABA format with an upbeat, swing style. This song provided a strong foundation for improvisation. The trombone and piano took advantage of this when performing solos.

The name of the second song was “Take the A-Train,” written by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. This song also followed an AABA format with an upbeat, swing style. In 1941 Duke Ellington and His orchestra performed “Take the ‘A’ Train,” for the first time. It eventually became their signature tune. On February 15, 1941 they recorded the song and it appeared on the pop charts in July and remained there for seven weeks. The solos in this song were performed by the trombone, bass, and drums. I also heard some walking bass throughout the song.

The name of the third song was “Blues for Alice,” written by Charlie Parker. This song is known as a jazz standard, and had a bebop blues style. The solos in this song were performed by the saxophone, piano, drums, and trombone. The drum and bass did a good job keeping a steady beat for the solos. The saxophonist had a nice ratio of low and high notes during his solo. The pianist impressed me with his solo, he did a really good job improving and keeping a fun, flowing rhythm.

The name of the fourth song was “The Chicken,” written by Pee Wee Ellis. This song was really cool and funky, I enjoyed listening to a different style. I noticed that the students playing had a really good time with it as well. The saxophone and trombone performed syncopation during the melody. The solos in this song were performed by the trombone, saxophone, and the piano. The trombonist high a lot of long, high notes in his solo. The saxophonist did a great job improving during his solo. The pianist played very quick and it was neat to see how quick his fingers moved.

Overall, the concert was a great experience. It was really interesting to see how talented the students were. I am beginning to learn more about jazz music and learning to appreciate it more. I am excited for the third concert I will be attending.