Free Grammar and Spell Checker

Need to polish your writing easily and fast? No worries – our intelligent solution can do it for you in a matter of a few seconds. Our spell checker employs IA software and carefully examines every piece of your writing, be it a sentence structure, incorrect spelling, article usage, or punctuation. Strengthen what you want to say and make your writing look 100% professional and error-free.

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What Can Auto Spell Checker Do for You?

Even the smallest small mistake can ruin your first impression or even reputation. No matter if you are writing an academic essay, CV, cover letter, or business email, it is critically important to proofread your writing before you actually submit or send the text. If you are busy or have your eyes swimming at the end of the day, then our powerful spell checker online will come in handy.

The tool checks grammar:

  • Sentence structure and agreement;
  • Incorrect verb forms;
  • Repeated or redundant words;
  • Misspelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Article usage;
  • Verb-adverb agreement;
  • And many more.

Our online spell checker scans texts at a human level:

  • It compares every word to how it is written in different dictionaries and identifies misspelled words with 100% accuracy;
  • It analyzes writing and detects grammatical errors through predefined rules. Be it a wrong use of the indefinite article or homophones, our automatic spell checker will easily detect it;
  • It uses rules based on statistical information. Our developers have integrated gigabytes of precomputed data from a large text corpus into this spell-checking tool. It is no wonder that the program “knows” all exceptions of different rules and finds errors that rule-based spellcheckers cannot detect.

It is so easy to boost your writing quality when you have the best spell checker at hand.

Spell Checker Free – Benefits You Get

Nobody is perfect. But it is easy to reach perfection when the state-of-the-art app can polish your writing for you.

  • Enhance your wring quality – our spell checker will help you remove wordy phrases and cliches from the text, replace hedging expressions and weak adjectives with well-directed formulations;
  • Improve readability – get recommendations on how to fix run-on sentences, polysyllabic words, and unclear pronouns;
  • Get instant result – it takes not more than 20 seconds to scan and analyze the submission. As a result of the check, you get a detailed report with all the errors and issues in the text highlighted and recommendation assigned to each;
  • Enjoy 100% accuracy – our spell-checking tool is quite powerful with lots of RAM to store the large corpus and advanced text check algorithms allowing for data analysis at the human level;
  • Run unlimited checks – you won’t need to pay a dime in order to use our speel checker. The program is available for free, and you can check as many texts as you need;
  • Get check reposts online – there is no need to install software on every device you own to check your texts. Our tool is available online and can be accessed from any gadget.

Content proofreading is getting as easy as never before. Nowadays, you do not need to know all the grammar rules by heart; our online proofreader will take care of your writing quality.

Who Can Use Our Free Spell Checker?

There is no single category of users that our tool is designed for. Our spell checker will be of great service to many.

  • Are you a student wrestling with essay writing?
  • Are you a copywriter looking for a website spell checker to perfect your digital copy?
  • Are you a writer aimed at making your book just flawless?
  • Are you a teacher striving to check tens of assignments in the shortest time?

No matter what the case of yours is, our checker will become your magic stick that will make your life just easier. In order to run the check, all you need to do is either to copy-paste the text or upload the document to the service and click the “Check” button. The tool will need a couple of seconds to process the info and generate the check report for you.

Using the checker will not cost you a dime, so give it a try!

Online Spell Checker to Polish Your Writing