Seminar On Women In Organizations And Politics

Within the frame of diversity and intercultural management, the focus of this seminar work will be on women in organizations and politics.

Since diversity is one of the top priorities of managers, organizations strive for equality in the business environment and equal treatment of all in the labor market. Gender equality is a fundamental principle of development of any democratic society and it is necessary to continuously work on improving the position of women in all areas of life and work. Even, during the years, progress has been made; discrimination against women is widespread around the world. Women are well aware of discrimination in the sphere of work and employment, as well as in society in general. Consequently, there is still a present constant fight for equality, equal treatment, and pay, with equal opportunities for advancement.

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Globally, the number of women in organizations as well as in politics is growing. However, the number of women present in the senior positions and high-level functions is far below acceptable. Although there are a huge number of women who are educated and competent, in the same way as their colleagues of the opposite gender, they are discriminated against when it comes to highly positioned functions.

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The purpose of the seminar work is first that people who are reading become aware that although there is progress regarding existence of women in business and female leaders, it is far from ideal. Through a detailed analysis of the article, I will explain the micro and micro issues regarding women in business and present the recommendations for the future.

First goal of this seminar is the analysis of the article, presenting the purpose and findings of the article. Then, for deeper understanding, I will compare to articles that deal with the same topic but have several novelties regarding this area. Since all students are or they will be soon part of some organization, the goal is to increase awareness of the advantages that come with giving women equal opportunities as men. From that comes up the third goal of this seminar which is for the readers to take away approaches of how companies can be involved in increasing the number of women in high-level positions.

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The method of this seminar work will be the analysis of the recommended steps. Then comparing this article with other related scientific articles from this area and presenting how some real-life companies that are involved in the process of decreasing discrimination on basis of gender.

I will start my seminar work with an abstract of the article. Then, the first main part includes analysis which contain firstly presentation of the authors and journal. Secondly, I will present the topic of the article as well as research question purpose and goals of the article. Thirdly, the theoretical background of the professional field will follow. Afterward, definitions of concepts and method of research will be presented. I will explain what are the relevant findings and contributions to the article. The second main part includes my evaluation of the article, critical evaluation and personal opinion. I will compare it with the two similar articles on the same topic and also show case of two real-life companies, adding two more examples. As bringing this analysis to the end, novelties will be explained and recommendations of how to process further. Lastly, I will finish my work with summarizing the findings.