A Reflection On My First Jazz Concert

In 2019 I attended my first Jazz concert at Rice University as the Painted Band had their first concert of the fall semester with particular guest trumpeter player.

The Painted band performed twelve pieces during the show. “Ancient Memories”, “Fly Me to the Moon”, and “Waltz for Debby” was the most amazing songs that permitted the listeners to enjoy the diverse resonances of Jazz music. Like every song tells a story, I had to pen down the story of each piece.

The “Ancient Memories”, arranged by Paul Ferguson and sang by Fred Hamilton, was played on that night by the band. The reason why the group chose this song because their title track of 2014 has this title, and it started with having discordant tones in harmony as the drums and piano were being introduced. With no time, the song shifted into a consonant harmony that continued all through the song. If I were to describe the texture of the song, I would say it was concerted amid the keyboard and the trumpet. The melody was blissful and dazzling in certain places in the song and more calming in the other portions as the cadence or tempo altered while the annotations of the trumpet being seized for accent. Further, the song started with a climax from soft to loud and stayed in this prototype until the end when the band reversed the pattern.

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The piece was amazing as the painted band played it with such enthusiasm and ardor making the song their own, which made me reminiscence of the Bill Cosby Show, and it was fun to listen.

“Waltz for Debby” arranged by Don Sebesky and composed by Bill Evans sang with slowness and consonance beat. The dynamics of the song all through were soft. Then the band increased it to a more moderate phase, then a decrescendo, and to back to a softer tone once again. The Painted Band did a remarkable work of keeping up with the beat. Moreover, the texture of the song stayed the same all through, and the 1,2,3 rhythm was very obviously present in the song. What intrigued me in the song is how the electric guitar, trumpet, and the saxophone interchanged at the melody while the band entertained was with the presentation in solos. At some point, I found myself wondering who Debby was and why the composer wrote this type of a song for his beloved. I would say it was a beautiful piece, but of course of a different genre than those of the other songs sung in the concert. An honest review concerning the song is that I would be hesitant to recommend it to someone because it did not have depth, and it was dull. However, I would still list it as the best three among the twelve sang that night.

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“Fly Me to the Moon”, arranged by Sammy Nestico and composed by Britt Howard, is a typical buoyant piece most legendary by Frank Sinatra. The instrumental description of this piece entails a Latin-motivated sounding consonant rhyme creating a quixotic feel at the beginning of the musical piece. The saxophone and keyboard then swapped the tune of the song as if the two instruments were dancing similar to two love birds going to the Moon. As the mood and passion of the song increased, its texture shifted within the piece as the piano, saxophone, and together with other instruments within the band were in accessory. Additionally, the rhythm that seemed to be consistently steady got faster at the crescendo. It was at this juncture that the dynamics of the melody significantly increased, thus reaching louder till every instrument met at the apex with a thump and then altered the dynamics to a very moderate phase until the piece ended.

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 “Fly Me to the Moon” was a thrilling musical piece that brought bliss, anecdote, and happiness from the minute it was played. I guess the song was loving, adoring, and exhibited dialogue with no expression of words. The Painted Band performed this piece with calmness and stability, and the Solo by Carissa Rutherford provided the protracted dialogue that resonated like twirling and jazzing in the moonlight. I bet the musical piece made me recall the famous song “My Heart Will Go On” as the instrumentals expressed the story similar to Celine is singing the song. Listening to the song was fascinating, and a fantastic ending of the Jazz concert as most of the listeners resonated with the song.

This Jazz Concert was a pleasurable night full of memorable music and academically invigorating encounter with music that I am confident I would not have been keen to unless for this project. Variety is an essential lesson to discover when listening to music since every musical piece is connected to another genre and identifying this allows learners to be more diversified.