Stereotypes In The Movie Rapunzel

Everyone likes to share some giggles with family and the movie Tangled gives its audience an enjoyable laugh, but when broken down, the message conveyed to the viewers isn’t a good one.

The ideas shown in the Disney movie are promoting feminism, stereotypes, and actions viewed within the film are just illogical and should not be shown to kids or listed as a children’s movie.

In almost every fairy tale, there’s usually a damsel in distress and the male protagonist almost always falls in love with her. Rapunzel’s stuck in a tower and lives there due to her evil ‘mother’ Gothel before her prince comes to save her. The scene shows the stereotype that a woman needs a man to save and rescue her. A woman does not need a man to be complete nor to be guided. As women grow, they take the impression that they must be perfect and gorgeous in order to get a man. They see the pretty girl get a charming guy and everything they want. The characters in the film go to show that most fairy tales follow the same guidelines. Flynn, Rapunzel and even mother Gothel are good looking. Their physique and looks are all the same with them being slim, having perfect smiles, and being good looking. If a person was described as being perfect, than a fairy tale animated character is what they would be compared and contrasted to. A young girl will see Rapunzel and want to be just like her because she is gorgeous and also a princess and they will love Flynn because he is charming.

Therefore, every story uses looks and beauty to draw in a larger audience because nobody wants to watch an ugly duckling. This is how today’s media portrays women, that they should be slim and gorgeous and that no one will appreciate them if they aren’t. The younger more beautiful females get more rewards. What that message gives to girls is that they must be a fairy tale character just to be recognized, but what they don’t comprehend is how naïve Rapunzel is to her environments because that mother Gothel won’t let her out of the house.

Mother Gothel became revenge ridden the moment she realized Rapunzel had gone away from the tower, she kused her magical witch craft to get what she wanted and found Rapunzel with Flynn Ryder. She used her charming good looks and power to get assistance from two brothers, who had helped Flynn steal the princess’ crown, in order to get Rapunzel back home. That isn’t how a mother should treat their child, to shelter them home from everything and anyone. That is what destroys relationships later. Furthermore, when the child gets older and starts having trouble in relationships and dealing with mature logical reasoning that they aren’t capable of making then they will eventually blame the mother. Also, they will become egocentric and shallow because they don’t care about people’s thoughts or feelings.

Having a shallow protagonist or hero in a fairy tale isn’t common to read about in a story, but Flynn Rider pulls it off and gets the female. Flynn Rider isn’t a prince at all, he is actually a thug on the run from the king’s goons. He trespasses a tower and finds Rapunzel, and instantly falls for her beautiful face. Because of her attractiveness, he assumed she would immediately fall for his ‘smolder’. He is shallow and egocentric about the way he looks, not caring what other men think, but what women want. However, Rapunzel doesn’t know what his ‘smolder’ is because she hasn’t come in contact with a boy before. He then uses his shallowness, not only for his looks, but also as a cover up that his real name is Eugene and that he wasn’t popular when he was younger. If she wasn’t a beautiful damsel in distress trapped in a tower, he probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with her.

Love always wins in the end, which is how every fairy tale goes. You cannot have a fairy tale that ends badly because then no one would want to read it and dream that they were the princess being swept away by their prince. After Flynn cut Rapunzel’s hair off and died, Rapunzel tried her best to bring him back. Rapunzel kept singing her song and cried one tear onto Flynn’s cheek, with the little magic that was left it brought him back and they lived happily ever after. That is the ending that every little girl dreams about, that they have a prince in love with them and they are the beautiful princess that no one can stop talking about. Love is what everyone wants; no one wants to die alone that is why people marry their soul mates. Love is what the person finds, when it has been waiting on them all along.

Lastly, when you read a fairy tale you are supposed to be taken to a faraway place that only you can find. When a little girl sees a princess, all she can think of is how beautiful she is and that her prince is so handsome. She will be picturing herself in his arms and think of how beautiful she wants to be, but growing up in a society that always says you need to be skinny to be beautiful makes her feel ugly. Everyone needs to feel beautiful in their own skin and not look at what the media says is beautiful because that is why girls devalue themselves so much.