Bob Marley As A Modern Day Antigone

Everyday a new rebel rises and a new person with something to fight for stands up for what they believe in.

There is a common trait connecting all rebels, they are brave. It is that trait of bravery that connects musical genius, Bob Marley, to the female play icon, Antigone.

Bob Marley despite his own opinion was a political rebel of the late 1900’s. On his rise to fame Marley used his music as a platform for his revolutionary but not well liked view on politics. His songs such as ‘Simmer Down’, ‘Concrete Jungle’, and ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ made way for him to express his opinion as well as make music that became loved around the world. He became a revolutionary starting a conversation that most were not ready to have. This large scale political expression did have its downsides though. Not everyone agreed with Marley’s views and because of that just as widely as he was loved, he was hated; yet he remained strong in his expression even up until his last album before he passed. The bravery needed to stand up and rebel against the status quo is immense and Bob Marley truly embodies everything it means to be a rebel and is simply unmatched when it comes to musical artists. ΅So we can’t compare Marley to other well-known musical figures. As for politics, he eschewed them, although his actions caused him to be perceived (and sometimes feared) as a profoundly radical political leader too. But his were the anti-politics of salvation through love and love alone, an unshakeable knowledge of the oneness of all humankind’. This is only a small portion of the attention Bob Marley had brought to the news.

Antigone, a female character in the Greek tragedy ‘Antigone’, was a rebel through and through, her bravery reached as far as to give her life for her cause. After the death of her two brothers Antigone is confronted by her uncle Creon, who is also the king, while he tries to bury only one brother, Eteocles, while leaving the other brother, Polyneices, with no burial due to disloyalty accusations. This was something Antigone simply could not stand for and she immediately went into action planning the punishable offence of burying her brother Polyneices. She stood up against not only gender roles but also the kings demands to give her brother the burial she so avidly thought her brother deserved. She never denied her actions and stood up whole heartedly for what she believed. Her actions were unbelievably brave as she knew they would cost her her life. “CREON: And yet you dared defy the law. ANTIGONE: I dared.” Sophocles (‘Antigone’ 356-357). The strength and bravery Antigone has when she admits to what she had done in the play is what really completes the idea that she is a rebel without a doubt.

Both Bob Marley and Antigone gave their all to their cause, they never denied how they felt and the message they were trying to get across. Similar to the riots caused by Bob Marley’s music, Antigone’s bold actions gave the town people a voice against the king, even if it was expressed in whispers. Although the time periods are vastly different the basis of what these two did to stand up and rebel despite the backlash they might have come across is remarkable. They both took situations they disagreed with and voiced them the loudest way they knew how. They caused change in places where people and their ideas were uniformed. Although their stories were different Bob Marley and Antigone were one in the same when it comes to their actions as rebels. The actions of Marley and Antigone are described beautifully in an article stating “And for a moment we all were, ‘free’.”

Bob Marley is truly a modern day Antigone. The actions from rebels all around the are changing the way many live and it is their bravery to speak up and demand change that allows our world to change and develop everyday.