A Review Of Good Will Hunting

How can individuals flourish when they are faced with psychological anguish?

Mental trauma is unquestionably stigmatized; the media tends to distance itself from this taboo theme. Gus Van Sant’s (1997) Good Will Hunting is a well-executed film that causes the audience to sympathize with the main character’s struggles and realize the relevance of mental health. Based in Boston, the film revolves around Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a troubled young man with an abnormally high IQ. After he successfully solves a nearly impossible mathematical equation, a support group forms consisting of therapist Dr. Sean Mcguire (Robin Williams), childhood friend Chuckie Sullivan (Ben Affleck), and love-interest Skylar (Minnie Driver). Together, these three individuals assist Damon in recovering from his burdened childhood trauma and toxic habits of excessive partying and violence. Good Will Hunting is a romantic drama full of superb acting and remarkable cinematography.

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The film uses magnificent cinematographic techniques, thus accentuating the importance of interactions between actors and inhibit any scene from becoming humdrum. This is especially evident in the iconic bench scene, where Williams illustrates to Damon that life lessons can’t be acquired through solely studying literature. Originally, the camera focuses on the pair from a distance in a successful attempt to display the setting. As Williams continues ranting, the camera fixtates entirely on Damon’s expression, which enables the audience to commiserate with him. Furthermore, when Williams is reading the note delivered by Damon, the camera is angled so the viewer is able to view the raw handwriting. This viewpoint enables the audience to interpret the situation from their own perspective. Even though this movie was filmed in 1997, directors today could obtain a few tips on excellent filming from these cinematographers.

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Aside from quality cinematography, skillful acting contributes to the creation of meaningful scenes. According to Ebert (1997), “the outcome of the movie is fairly predictable … It’s the individual moments, not the payoff, that make it so effective”. Williams’ performance as Damon’s therapist was beyond outstanding, therefore it would be no surprise if he was indeed a certified psychologist. Eventually, Damon finally opens up to Williams about his childhood trauma. Williams responds by embracing him and repeatedly stating, “it’s not your fault”. His realistic sobbing and the empathetic look in Williams’ eyes almost convinces the audience that this interaction is authentic. Additionally, Damon eventually reveals to Driver that he lied about his history; he is an orphan that was maltreated by his adoptive parents. This revelation consequently leads to her becoming emotionally vulnerable, pouring out raw emotion by sobbing hysterically, consequently causing the audience to empathize with her infatuation with Damon. Without these impeccable portrayals, this movie would not be as prosperous as it is today.

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To summarize, innovative filming methods and heartfelt performances by adept actors have caused Good Will Hunting to continuously enthrall audiences 22 years later. The strategic casting of three naturally talented actors led to organic connections between the audience and the actors. Moreover, the creative use of various filming perspectives helps create important scenes that otherwise would be dull. This film incorporates all variables needed in order to create a cinematic masterpiece. Ultimately, Van Sant has produced an exemplary film that continues to affirm that mental health is a crucial component towards success.