Gender Roles In The Movies

“Women can’t fight!” “Men can’t lead!” “She’s too emotional” He’s so brave!”.

These are sayings that represent many stereotypes and continue to be said and our society today. This essay is going to be looking deep into how Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games is being portrayed as a woman with courage, strength, and enlightenment for the future of Panem and another film name The Maze Runner as a male being the leader of being curious, outgoing, strategic, and brave named Thomas. The characteristics of each dystopian society in The Hunger Games are intervention of the game makers, loneliness, no safety, and powerlessness against the capital, then in the maze runner it’s a dystopian society because the inhabitants are against their will and being placed in a maze by the creators who monitor them and place experiments outside the walls awaiting to hurt them and eventually trying to escape. The main conflicts in The Hunger Games is being placed as people are having to be chosen by one male and one female and being shown as an entertainment to the capital from 12 districts and keeping the districts on check so they wouldn’t rebel against their government and supply their capital. The main conflicts in The Maze Runner is young children and teens of boys ang girls are put into the maze having to be tested on in the post-apocalyptic future having to put to the test to see their bravery, sacrifices, and their intelligence of escaping the maze and undergoing many phases. Defining gender roles and stereotypes is gender roles in our society means how we are expected to act, speak, dress, and conduct ourselves based upon our assigned sex, then stereo type is a judgment or a biased about a person or group even though it’s simplified as not always being the truth. The focus of this essay is to put straight hard gender roles and stereotypes are being placed and explained by the films The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner.

We are always told that “men are always stronger than women” and also how “women are smarter than men” but now all the time this has to apply to any male or female but into as depending on each setting not always be true but can only be as how you think of it either you followed these stereotypes or you reject their meaning and don’t be told as what they are said. These stereotypes can be in the films The Hunger Games and in The Maze Runner. First, it is seen how this will take place and The Hunger Games with “women are smarter than men”. In the Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen is seen as the girl on fire but inside the arena throughout the whole game, she starts to evaluate and see how the games are working manipulate the capital in planning of in the ending both Katniss and Peeta try to kill themselves with boysenberries so there wouldn’t be any victors of their 74th Hunger Games. But then see this in the maze runner it shows that men are physically stronger and our showed as only males to be taken at higher ranks for example there only be nails that are “runners”, having to go out into the maze and collect and study its data of exchanging the route every day of its pattern.

Both in The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner have Gender roles such as in The Hunger Games Katniss is the main character shown as woman with strength and courage and shows potential to rebel against the capital as the government, then in The Maze Runner Thomas is shown as curious new Comer known as the greenie wanting to explore the walls and become a “runner” which shows him as the main character in this film. But also, there are characters that fit as the opposite such as in The Hunger Games there’s Peeta that plays a role as the solve why hearted mail that has a lovey and a crush on Katniss. In the Maze Runner there’s this female name Teresa as shown equivalent to Thomas features also opposite but they do share a same similarity of this gender roles such as Teresa being the same as a curious one and wanting to take charge with words the problem of now and is brave and tough same as Thomas. But for both main characters Katniss and Thomas they might be seen as this no hearted wanting to finish what is started having a take charge and not wanting anyone to be lost and less willing to is being threatened by both of these characters might seem vicious and the film and show some leadership but they do have a softer side towards them. For example, Katniss she has notice how the capital knows to be entertained by emotion she sees this as happy to have affection for Peeta little does she know Peeta isn’t taking his affection towards her, but she thinks he is but still goes along with it just to rebel to get where she thinks would be great outcome. Then in Thomas’s case it is shown that when Truck is shot by Galley he then holds Chucks body in places in down carefully then he calls out check to see if he responds and choke gives him his ornament that he made for his parents and Thomas then jobs down into tears having to carry his dying wish his newly best friend brought a man accepting him into the maze only having his ornament of remembrance.

As one can see gender roles and stereotypes do not always apply to the people you think they will fit with this setting but is only told to the person once you really do get to know them. For example, always be said you never judge a book by its cover because it may have very much potential you never knew anybody could acquire. Seen with this not everybody is courageous or has strength even if its a male or female, as cold hearted, or as light hearted, or even vicious in anyway the whole point this story happening is to show how this dystopian film could show a mirror or reflection of our reality and society today. Has been said never take anyone for granted saying that a female is too weak, or male is always brave neither in which shows the truth of who they really are you need to always think that judging by a person’s appearance doesn’t make them of their who they really are.