Thomas As A Hero In The Maze Runner

Imagine waking up in the center of a dark giant metal-like crate with no memory and not knowing where you are.

Painful bangs from the metal crate, you shifting side to side. Getting out of the metal crate and seeing faces you’ve never seen before, many men. You get out of the box and you are in the center of a labyrinth with trees and almost like a village. You’re scared you don’t know where you are and you are pushing the men and asking them questions. A few days passing by, memories coming back and getting along with new people. A few days passing and you know your name, your name is Thomas. You tell everyone that your name is Thomas, you’re happy that you have a little bit of your memory back, but you don’t know you are a hero. In James Dashner’s ‘The Maze Runner’ it shows how the protagonist, Thomas, is a hero and how he thrived to get through the maze, Thomas is a hero because of his perseverance, his bravery, and his cleverness.

Thomas is a hero because he showed persistence, he demonstrated persistence when he tried to find out what the maze was saying, so he used wax paper and no matter how hard it was to find what the maze was saying he still never gave up and later on he escaped the maze. Thomas showed persistence when he was in the process of escaping the maze and the grievers came up and fought the grievers and yet still escaped. In James Dashner’s novel, there’s a quote that says “hey, we’re still runner” Minho said, “and we still have a job”. 

Bravery is something that not everyone has but Thomas has bravery in him, he showed bravery in many different ways; running into the maze to help Alby from getting stung by a griever. Thomas broke the rule of running into the maze because the rule “you shall never enter the maze if you’re not a runner” means that you should never enter the maze if you’re not a runner, Thomas is not a runner but he still ran into the maze without fear just to help one of the runners Alby because bravery means to do things without being afraid and what Thomas just did just proved that he is a hero. “If you ain’t scared,” Alby said “you ain’t human”.

When Thomas escaped the maze he was clever about it, as Thomas was exploring the maze with Minho he saw inside the griever he killed had found a cylinder like an ambit. A few days later Thomas got the ambit and followed where the noise was making and found the griever hole where he then escaped from. His cleverness helped escape the maze and I think that if he never found that cylinder ambit then he wouldn’t be able to find the griever hole and escape the maze. And he would be stuck here for many years just like the other shanks. This quote shows how Thomas is; “I think that hall actually cut off here, not here” this quote means that Thomas is cleaver by thinking that the hall was cut off in a certain spot, but he was saying it in a certain way that he was hinting at something.

In conclusion, waking up in a box not knowing where we are is something we don’t want to experience plus we don’t have memories. We know that Thomas is a hero because of the way he was showing his persistence, bravery, and cleverness. Thomas did not give up being a runner even though it was hard, Thomas was brave enough to help Alby when he got stung from the griever and Thomas was clever enough to find a cylinder like ambit to find his way out of the maze. Talking about Thomas being a hero is very interesting because anyone can be a hero anytime and anywhere. Even though something is hard, never give up to be that hero you are.