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If there is a website created specifically for students and for making their life easier, rest assured that Papernow is not one of them. Not only is it a platform where a student cannot afford to order any kind of professionally written academic paper, but it is also extremely hard to use. As soon as a prospective customer enters the website, they see an interactive menu, asking them to choose the type of work they need to have written, as well as the volume (number of pages), and the deadline (when they want the paper to be delivered).

Filling in these three fields, a person gets a clear view of the price they would have to pay for the order. While it might be extremely convenient, as it lets the person understand the financial perspectives of ordering from Papernow, the customer is being offered to make an order right away, without even reading the terms and condition or the FAQ section, which is like buying a pig in a poke. While there are many more both dull and interesting features that the Papernow website holds, today, we will embark upon compiling a comprehensive Papernow review.

Pricing System

The website’s pricing system has been devised in a way that makes it explicit and clear for anybody willing to order an academic paper or any other kind of writing assignment. There are three basic parameters that are used to form the final price for order on Papernow. Those are the type of work, the number of pages, and the deadline. Now, let’s dwell upon each of them more laboriously.

  • Type of Work

Every professional writer would tell you that writing an argumentative essay and an admission essay are two completely different tasks. While you may think that the core word “essay” present in these two polarly various types of assignments renders them as something common, you are mistaken. Hence, the price may vary in accordance with the type of work you choose.

  • Number of Pages

Well, it seems to be pretty clear and requires no further explanation. The more you order, the more you pay. The principle at work is as clear as daylight.

  • Deadline

The price-forming process at Papernow is heavily reliant on the deadline. The sooner you order, the less you pay. For example, you can pay less for three pages with a deadline of, let’s say, six days than you will pay for a one-pager with a deadline of four hours. Urgency matters when it comes to craft high-quality content, so make sure to keep an eye on your deadlines.

By the way, the final price can also be altered by the academic level of your paper and the discipline of your choice. For instance, a one-page Master’s paper in law can cost you more than the very same paper but of the College level.

Talking about the prices themselves, here comes a bit of bitterness. Papernow seems to be unreasonably expensive, as compared to the services of the other companies working in the industry. Thus, one page of a college essay, which is the simplest kind of services, with a deadline of 20 days will cost you $10.87. Meanwhile, if you want your term paper done in two day, which is 48 hours, the damage will be $18.23 per page.

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Types of Services


When visiting papernow.org, one might get astounded by the number and diversity of services provided. In general, Papernow is ready to embark upon 48 different types of writing assignments, thus covering for each and every scope of a student’s academic performance. In general, there are seven pivotal types of services provided:

  • Essay writing;
  • Business writing;
  • Dissertation writing;
  • Research;
  • Editing;
  • Individual writing;
  • Copywriting;

While there is no point in mentioning each and every one of them, as you can check the list yourself on papernow.org, you can rest assured that the scope of services is quite extensive. You can order a simple two-page essay, or you can ask them to write you a dissertation. Do you have an already crafted text, and you need to have it refined? Professional editors from Papernow are ready to help you.

Are you not a student yet? The Papernow professionals will help you become one by writing you an incredible personal statement, and while homework might be no the most pleasant of a student’s life’s parts, these guys can help you cope with any kind of assignment. For the full list of services provided, please, visit papernow.org.

Payment Options

It should be acknowledged that Papernow could have provided more payment options for its customers. As of now, there are four payment options available, including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Yet, one should come to terms with the fact that VISA and Mastercard are the world’s most popular payment systems, which renders the papernow.org services quite accessible for any student. What is more, each of the aforementioned payment systems is known as the one with an enhanced security threshold, meaning that the company works solely with verified contractors.


It seems like every student turning for help to a professional essay writing services wants to rest assured of two things. First, they want to know that their personal information won’t be compromised, as there are still some conservatives thinking that academic help violates the principles of academic integrity. So, Papernow ensures each and every customer of the privacy of their data, as it is the company’s top priority to keep its customers safe, sound, and satisfied.

Secondly, every student ordering a paper wants to know that they pay for quality. Nobody wants to get a couple of pages filled with random text that has nothing or little to do with the instructions provided. Thus, Papernow has been bold enough to claim that they are ready to return the money to the customer, if they find any discrepancies in the paper. That is, if a writer fails to follow the initial instructions and there is a visible proof of that, you can expect your money back while you will still receive the paper that has been written for you.

Such a policy of guarantees provided seems to be fair enough when it comes to talking about what is customer orientation. The folks at Papernow surely know a thing or two about building a base of loyal customers.

Is the Website Legit?

Of course, it is. Papernow is fully legit academic assistance service that provides hundreds and thousands of US students with professional writing services, helping them deal with any kind of a written task. Hiring only expert writers, Papernow can guarantee the legitimacy of services provided, as it is a DCMA protected organization. Thus, all of its actions and business operations fall within the legal limits of the US and international law. What is more, the company requires its writers to undergo a special training and eventual testing, thus seeing to their compatibility with the highest standards of the academic writing industry.


There are surely more pros than cons when it comes to talking about Papernow as a professional academic assistance provider. Among others, the students will enjoy:

  • High level of writers’ expertness;
  • Guaranteed compensation in case of customer dissatisfaction;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Customers support;
  • Zero-plagiarism policy.


It should be acknowledged that Papernow is an expensive essay writing service. The prices presented on the company’s website are considerably higher than the market’s average. What is more, the website’s navigation is rather aimed at forcing people to order than to know what they are paying for. For example, learning about the aforementioned zero-plagiarism policy took us quite a few clicks to find a corresponding info on the website.

The lack of payment options provided on papernow.org can be classified as another disadvantage to be found on this website. Yet, the presence of VISA and Mastercard among them mitigates the problem in general, as those are the payment systems used worldwide.

To Sum Up

The very moment one enters the papernow.org website, it becomes crystal clear why people are actually not that willing to use their services. The website is hard to navigate through, and it has been devised to sell and not to help. While having a transparent pricing policy, topped with the professionalism of writers, and the company’s customers compensation policy, Papernow positions itself as a service that is hard to use. An average customer will find it hard to understand why Papernow should become the service of their choice. Of course, hundreds of positive testimonials from satisfied customers are proof of the fact that Papernow is a reliable academic writing partner. Yet, those testimonials are not that easy to trace on their website. The final verdict on Papernow is 2.5 out of 5.

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