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The Internet is a powerful tool that has changed the course of humanity forever, having opened more doors than we ever imagined we would have. This has led even modern education to transform and adapt to the virtual realm. What does this mean? It means that nowadays, we are faced with online services such as EssayWritingService, helping students and professionals worldwide.

Here we are talking about an online service that offers its customers the highest possible quality in writing. Their own "Why Us" section clarifies that this is a serious company, which is aware of the current needs to be an honest and serious service. 

We must say that we were delighted with the results of our EssayWritingService review, which confirmed this feature and many more. Find out here the essentials about the pricing system, types of services, payment options, guarantees, their legitimacy, along with the pros and cons of the platform.

Our Experience with the Pricing System in our Essaywritingservice Review

Before we discuss the pricing system, we must highlight the fact that there was a 50% discount on all orders while we were doing our review. This in itself caught our attention, although it is true that at first, we did not know if this discount was good or bad. However, that answered itself as soon as we placed our order.

What became very clear as soon as we started researching prices is that EssayWritingService lays its cards on the table. Are you interested in getting good results? Then it’s time to invest and get the best out of your project, essay, etc.

The most significant value they give you regarding pricing is delivering the best possible academic project to each client without cutting corners. Three other critical factors in the pricing system are as follows:

  • Meeting your deadline (or exceeding it).
  • Consistently deliver the minimum number of pages required or more.
  • Never be below (or above) academic standards.

In our case, we chose to place a College/University order that just happened to have a 50% discount. We gave them five days for our order, considering that they had to write three pages. They told us right away that the price per page, in this case, would be $18.50, which was surprisingly low even knowing that there was a discount.

As it turns out, not only did they comply with everything we demanded, having assigned us a professional writer with whom we could be in direct contact, but on top of that, they delivered it ahead of time. In the end, it all cost us $55.50.


The assignment was double-spaced, 300 words per page, and Times New Roman 12pt font.


A Full Range of Service Types and Writers

Apart from the different levels of pricing value which are High School, College/University, Master/MBA, and Ph.D., there are also all the types of services they offer. 

These services are summarized in 7 exciting options, which they master to perfection. Of course, the first thing we came across was the classic assignment service that can serve both students and professionals. Then you have essays, research papers, term papers, case studies, and dissertation and thesis writing. 

The last option is a bit broader as it is defined as "Other Writing Services." Here each client can choose what kind of service he/she wants to have. 

The good thing in this aspect is that EssayWritingService College does not limit the clients to only one service, but it is up to each one to set the desired length and features. In itself, the platform is flexible—both in terms of what it will deliver and the prices, which is much appreciated.

How are the professional writers they offer?

Compared to many online writing services we have tried over the past few years, the most surprising thing about this platform is that they let you know who their writers are. Other services rave about their writers but don’t tell you who they are. 

EssayWritingService College clarifies that all the staff writers are based in the United States and that their standards are well above what is expected. 

In our case, we were lucky enough to collaborate with Robert L., who is a published author and a Hollywood movie writer who has specialized in entertainment, law, history, journalism, and much more. 

Apart from Robert L.’s knowledge and skills, we have to say that his demeanor and communication were excellent.

Reduced, but Secure Payment Options

Being a solemn service, we were not surprised to see that they only accept credit cards. This is part of the security measures they employ, common in almost all websites that offer services like this.

Even so, it is true that we would have liked to have a few more options. Not because credit card options such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are bad, but because there are currently endless possibilities with e-wallets and cryptocurrencies gaining more and more ground. 

Anyway, apart from this aspect that will surely change in the future, nothing bad can be said about the payment options. Besides paying with credit cards, we can always be sure of SSL encryption, protecting both your personal and financial data from third parties.


Do They Guarantee Results?

We did not expect during our review the importance that the platform gives to guarantee its effectiveness. It is expected that by offering a service such as confidential professional writing, a website prides itself on getting it right. Still, https://www.essaywritingservice.college/ lets you know right away that they are there to serve you, not their own pockets.

Aside from the safe payment and 24/7 help, the site has earned a medal of its own for serving 2,000+ satisfied students. These two thousand students have expressed themselves through their reviews and comments. Here are their overall grades on different platforms:

  • Customers’ reviews on their page – 4.9 stars.
  • Sitejabber – 4.6 stars
  • Trustpilot – 4.8 stars

As if that wasn’t enough, they also offer samples of the complete essays (always with the client’s approval). To get a little picky, we took a look at the sample thesis they put on their 65-page homepage about migrant students. The only thing we thought the moment we finished reading it was bravo.

These guarantees of efficiency and seriousness are very much appreciated, both for reviews and as a client. With so many writing services out there, it is appreciated when a site makes things clear without trying to deceive anyone.

How Legit is the Service?

There is no need to search like crazy if the page is legitimate or not. You just need to dig a little deeper into every vital aspect of the service to know that it is not just a front that wants to take your money. 

You can find a wealth of information from legitimate people who have used and reordered from them. Not only that, but they, through their writers and on third-party websites, have a more than respected reputation.

We can assure you that we would not have done our review if this were not the case. So, when it comes to seriousness and legitimacy, there’s not a single flaw here.


There are quite a few advantages as you can see, although it is true that the following should be highlighted:

  • Not only can you see who the writers are, but you can also interact with them.
  • The prices are excellent compared to the competition
  • The deliveries are spectacular and often before the deadline.
  • 100% confidentiality and reliability


Although after being completely satisfied with our results throughout the review, we must talk about the cons that we experienced:

  • In the beginning, it can give rise to doubts about the legitimacy of the service, considering the number of shady services on the Internet (although later, it is quite the opposite).
  • We regret the lack of e-wallets to be able to make payments perhaps even more anonymous or faster.


Few things remain to be said, which have not already dazzled throughout our review of the service. We could go on ad infinitum, mainly because we would indeed repeat the experience. 

Anyway, the important thing is to make it clear that this is a professional writing platform that manages to help the needs of any student. Without limiting itself to a single age group of students, EssayWritingService has what it takes to complete and deliver the best projects in the country.

If we were students ourselves, we would most likely have the site set in our browser favorites to visit as many times as needed. It was an absolute pleasure to have discovered it.

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