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Nowadays, there is a lot of professional academic assistance agencies helping students from all around the world deal with a stack of assignment they have to be ready with within sometimes manically short deadlines. However, it does not mean that each and every one of those services is a good one to use. Today, we will speak about FreeEssayWriter.

Having scrutinized the company’s website, it can be solemnly avowed that there is a lot to say about FreeEssayWriter. While they might be providing their customers with truly top-notch writing services, the navigation experience through their website must be improved. One can state that it is over-saturated with information. Instead of going with a tab menu, they have opted for creating a scroll-down page, which makes it extremely hard for a client to find the information required.

Yet, it should also be mentioned that it is an extremely positive thing that FreeEssayWriter have decided to show their customers the background of their writers. Thus, every customer entering www.freeessaywriter.net can see the universities and colleges that are alma mater to those whom they trust with their writing endeavors. It is quite a special feature that is not everywhere to be met in today’s professional academic writing industry. FreeEssayWriter seems to be a no ordinary essay writing service. Hence, grab yourself a nice cup of hot coffee, as we start our FreeEssayWriter review.

Pricing System

Even though FreeEssayWriter offers you to have your first order with them written for free, you will surely have to pay for the second, third, and so on and so forth. So, we thought it might be useful for you to understand the very system of how the prices are formed for the services of FreeEssayWriter. Just like the majority of academic writing services, FreeEssayWriter bases its pricing policy on the four elephants of this business: type of work, deadline, number of pages, academic level.

  • Type of Work

While you may see no difference between writing an essay and a cover letter, a professional writer knows everything about it. Hence, the type of work chosen will surely impact the price of your paper.

  • Customer’s Deadline

The faster you want it, the more you have to pay. This is an obvious principle that needs no further explanation. Hence, when using the FreeEssayWriter service, you, as a customer, might want to order in advance.

  • Number of Pages

The aforementioned principle applies perfectly well to this price-forming parameter, as well. The more pages you need, the more you will have to pay.

  • Academic Level

Finally, your academic level also matters, as the higher it gets, the more expensive the price per page gets. There is a huge difference between a high school paper and a PhD paper.

Yet, one must acknowledge that FreeEssayWriter does a great job of letting the customers experience the quality of their services. The first paper the person orders from FreeEssayWriter comes for free, which is an absolute screamer. You can order a free sample paper, verify the quality, and only then proceed with ordering another one.

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Types of Services


While FreeEssayWriter is a rather customer-friendly service, it should be acknowledged that they should work on extending the list of services provided to their customers, as it seems to be quite abridged. Entering www.freeessaywriter.net one gets to learn about 48 types of paper they are ready to write. Sure enough, one may think that it is a lot, but the scope of tasks an average college student gets to deal with while in college is bigger than that. Below you will find the FreeEssayWriter services broken down into four pivotal categories, accompanied by a brief explanation of what they might be lacking.

  • Essay Writing

There is no way to deny that FreeEssayWriter provides an extensive list of essay-writing services. There is a plethora of essay types to choose from. Analytical, argumentative, and even response essays are there to order from www.freeessaywriter.net.

  • Editing

Professional editing services available on the website are quite scarcely described. FreeEssayWriter should do a better job at explaining to their customers why editing services might be a great use to them.

  • Application Writing

As has already been mentioned, the website is quite disorganized, which means that it is hard for an average customer to find what he or she is looking for. While an application letter can take a lot of forms as a task, and be called a personal statement, etc., FreeEssayWriter claims to be capable of writing only application letters.

  • Dissertation

One of the biggest drawbacks to found on www.freeessaywriter.net is a scarce list of dissertation-writing services. Sometimes, a customer might need only a part of his dissertation to be crafted up for him. Meanwhile, FreeEssayWriter maintains that you can write a dissertation. In the eyes of an average customer, it looks like “either order an entire dissertation to be written from scratch, or go away”. It must be changed.

As a matter of fact, the company would want to rehaul its website and change its design. Also, grouping their services into sub-categories and actually extending the list of services would have made it easier for the customers to find what they are looking for.

Payment Options

The website supports four basic payment options, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network. While VISA and MasterCard are the world’s most famous payment systems, there is no way to deny the fact that the list of payment options available on FreeEssayWriter is quite scarce. Furthermore, there might be various problems associated with the zoning of using each of the aforementioned payment systems. Hence, it goes down as the FreeEssayWriter website area that requires improvement.


There are three major promises that the company makes to its prospective customers, ensuring them that they will get a 100% plagiarism-free paper, every bit of their data will remain confidential, while they can have their money back if the paper’s quality is being nowhere near the promised level. Let us explain a bit more about it.

Promising 100% plagiarism-free content is not a problem for a company like FreeEssayWriter, as you can rest assured that they have all the software need for checking and controlling every single word written by their writers. Furthermore, your data will surely remain confidential as it is not in their interest to lose a customer due to a deteriorated reputation.

Now, when it comes to talking about fiscal compensation, there are two things you have to understand. Nobody is going to give your money back simply because you didn’t like the paper. You have to bring in arguments that the paper is not compatible with the initial instructions that you uploaded. Furthermore, you will surely be offered to use the revision option, which means that the FreeEssayWriter specialist will change any part of the paper, once again if there is a writer’s shortcoming in place. So, if you want your money back from www.freeessaywriter.net, get ready to bring on some arguments.

Is Site Legit?

The website is a 100% legit commercial entity that provides services to the customers under the effective law of the United States of America. What is more, all the orders provided by the company’s writers are subject to protection by DCMA. Hence, all the services provided by the www.freeessaywriter.net are to be considered legitimate.


There is surely a lot of benefits to experienced when ordering papers from FreeEssayWriter. Yet, some of the most prolific ones are:

  • Explained background of the writers hired by the company;
  • Affordable prices;
  • 100% fiscal compensation guarantee.


Ordering from FreeEssayWriter, you must be ready to face:

  • An abridged scope of services available;
  • An uncomfortable to use website that requires redesigning;
  • A limited set of payment options to use;

To Sum Up

There is a need to acknowledge that FreeEssayWriter is a rather decent academic writing assistance agency with a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd of other same-type companies. For example, it is quite uncommon for a company like this to provide information on the writers’ educational background. Knowing that the person you’re going to trust with your mark graduated, let’s say, Yale or Stanford, means a lot. What is more, https://www.freeessaywriter.net offers comparably affordable prices. While there is, as well, a set of minor disadvantages, such as a limited payment options set, uncomfortable user’s interface of the website, and others, the final mark that FreeEssayWriter gets is 3.5 out of 5.

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