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In the world of academic services, it is always a pleasure to be able to welcome back a platform that has been re-launched. In this case we are talking about Essay-Company, which changed its look and feel in 2022 with much pride and expectations.

Most importantly, the change has also meant new features and improvements that are instantly noticeable. That’s because the team possesses over ten years of experience in delivering top-level assignments.

The first thing that strikes the eye is a clean, organized, and straightforward design, which makes it easy for any user to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

And with that said, let’s take a look in our Essay-Company review at everything there is to know about the new platform. We will check how this site stands up in terms of prices, services, reliability, and much more. Let’s see if it’s worth it!

Pricing System

Let’s go straight to perhaps the most positive thing about Essay-Company: writers & prices. The site offers a very modern system that allows each user to choose their own writer, depending on their needs. Let’s say you place an order for a simple essay, but you don’t have time to write it. As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive proposals from interested writers. This makes placing an order not only extremely dynamic but also intuitive. You only have to wait for writers to appear, which in itself offers you a range of possibilities for your proposal. However, keep in mind that you will not receive all the proposals in less than an hour, but rather progressively. What you have to consider in order to always have the price under control at Essay-Company.Org is to specify exactly how the work is to be executed. Because the more details you add, the more your proposal will attract the attention of the finest writers.

We were able to confirm in the order we placed that the lowest is always around $13, then it goes up according to your needs and also what you want to add. Here is a list of options:

  • Automatic choice: Let the website choose the most suitable writer for you. Price: $9.99;
  • VIP treatment: Get an expert to help you with your account management at any time of the day: Price: $12.99;
  • Partial delivery: If you need to receive your work as soon as possible, Essay-Company offers the service of delivering it to you in parts. Price: $8.99;
  • Premium Service: Choose a writer with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Price: 10% more;
  • Platinum Service: Get one of the top 20 writers. Price: 20% more;

Types of Services


Let’s go straight to the services offered by Essay-Company:

  • Type of service: The platform gives you the option to choose to have them write for you or to edit a work you have already done to improve its quality.
  • Subject: No matter what subject or topic your work may be about, you will certainly find it at Essay-Company. Thanks to the wide variety of writers, the site offers everything from law or philosophy to economics or religion.
  • Time limit: In order to give you a wide range of time, the site allows you to set deadlines between 3 hours and 30 days.
  • Instructions: You can add as many details as you need. Essay-Company.Org gives you the option to upload a document with all the instructions or enter them in the proposal. This includes formatting, layout, titles, and more.
  • Pages: Unfortunately, the only option for one page is 275 words with double spacing.

As you can see, Essay-Company service types are quite extensive, as they always try to ensure the best conditions for both their clients and their writers. Many of the writers available on the site have a very high academic level, which is impressive.

Besides, thanks to the options mentioned above, such as VIP treatment or automatic selection, you can always be sure to receive a top-quality submission without having to do everything by yourself.

Payment Options

Essay-Company.Org has a modern and secure payment system, which offers 128-bit SSL protection that encrypts transactions to protect both the personal and financial data of their customers.

The only thing you have to worry about once you have chosen your favorite writer is to proceed to the payment page. VISA and MasterCard are, of course, the favorite options to pay with your debit or credit card, as they are the best and most reliable international payment methods. But don’t worry about paying yet, as your money will be put on hold until you are completely satisfied with the work delivered.

In addition, Essay-Company is very conscious of your privacy and anonymity. That’s why deliveries are made discreetly and without revealing your details or passing them on to third parties.

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Essay-Company takes care of its users’ experience and does it in the best possible way. The re-launch has also meant a new approach towards customers, which is not only more open but also more flexible when it comes to providing them with a guarantee in terms of conditions.

In fact, as soon as you go through Essay-Company.Org, you will quickly realize that giving money back is not something that they try to hide from you. The platform prides itself on offering several full refund options. The first is if you inadvertently pay twice (or if you have placed the same order twice), if no writer has been assigned to your proposal or if you have canceled before you have sent your proposal to the writers.

But you can also receive 50% back for various reasons. Here are three of them:

    • – If there have been multiple revisions and you were not satisfied.
    • – If the delivery exceeds your deadline (although a time difference is refunded here)
    • – If your teacher has rejected your work, assuming they can provide a reason.

Of course, Essay-Company always ensures that all papers are handwritten and written out of the blue. Hence all papers are checked several times and controlled by anti-plagiarism software. This ensures that any submission, whatever the level, is always 100% unique and without any possibility of plagiarism or templates.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend you not to ignore the revisions available at Essay-Company.Org, as you are given ten days to review your submissions.

Is the Site Legit?

Considering that Essay-Company.Org already existed before and was just re-launched, the platform is not only an academic service with an already established reputation but also completely secure.

The domain is registered in Panama, which is quite usual for academic and other internet services, meaning that it did not raise any red flags during our review.

The important thing is that you should be aware of the writers available at Essay-Company, as it shows their level and trustworthiness of the company itself. We weren’t able to find any strange profiles, but quite the opposite. The vast majority of writers had Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Ph.D. degrees, which was more than impressive.


      • Variety of choice: It is not only nice to be able to specify and detail the proposals as much as necessary, which eliminates the possibility of errors, but also the number of academic disciplines that are available.
      • Writers system: Almost the best thing about Essay-Company.Org is the writers selection system. This opens the possibility for any requirement and, above all, budget.
      • Quality guarantee: Not only is there a refund on the platform, but they ensure that every job is always done in the most professional and efficient way possible.
      • Privacy: The service strives to ensure that proposals are always 100% confidential and anonymous to avoid problems with teachers or at work.
      • Security: All transactions are not only encrypted but are also 128-bit SSL protected.


      • Lack of options: We would have liked to see a single-spaced option. Unfortunately, we could only find the double-spaced one with 275 words per page.
      • Insufficient payment methods: Although it is true that credit and debit cards are the most international and reputable ones, it would be nice to see e-wallets or even cryptocurrency.

To Sum Up

Essay-Company should not be seen as a new academic service but as an enhancement. The platform has been inspired to offer a complete and tailor-made service for both its clients and its top-quality writers. This ensures that any user can receive exactly what they had in mind and even more, thanks to the premium options that are available.

Over time, we’re sure that they’ll fix some small details, which will soon turn them into one of the biggest online platforms. But for now, it is definitely advisable to try them out and benefit from the stunning conditions they offer.

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