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Writing an essay is not every person’s cup of tea. Much less, if you are short on time or the task you have been assigned is too difficult. That is why it is essential to find a serious website and one that really offers great conditions and flawless results. What makes online-essay-help.net stand out among its competitors is the high level of professionalism and expertise that surrounds the website. After all, apart from being available 24/7, they also make sure that each essay is 100% unique. Plus, they cater exactly to the needs of each individual. In our review, we are going to see exactly how the prices work at online-essay-help.net, what types of services they offer and precisely where they specialize, the options provided, guarantees, plagiarism and grammatical mistakes handling, the security of the website, and also the pros and cons of the service.

Pricing System

That said, Online-Essay-Help does not have a price list but rather adjusts to each individual’s characteristics and needs. It would be illogical and impersonal to have to choose between prices without the platform correctly analyzing the task. Furthermore, there are dozens of factors that can vary the price, such as the time available, the priority or the topic. This also opens up the possibility of obtaining immediate results, without waiting lists or late responses. More than time, the price of an essay depends especially on the academic level. Obviously, it is not the same thing to order a simple school essay as an essay that can be used for a medical doctorate. Thus, it requires that the site always has specialists from multiple fields, experiences, and backgrounds, who also have to be available for any urgent essays that may come in at any time of the day. Still, the prices on Online-Essay-Help are well within the market, with usual rates of $13 per page. However, what is advisable is to order as soon as possible because depending on the deadline, the prices will also vary considerably. If you have a set budget that you can’t pass, you will have to use time to your advantage, both for the money and to give the writer enough time to deliver the best result possible. Keep in mind that your work will be handwritten and that every word will be carefully selected to meet your expectations!


Types of Services


It is amazing to see the conditions that Online-Essay-Help puts on their writers. The website is dedicated exclusively to top-notch essays in virtually every possible academic discipline. Not only do they pride themselves on their 10+ years of experience, but also their 32+ academic subjects. That means you can find everything from sports to law to mathematics. With over 25,000 papers delivered and a repertoire of 125+ writers, Online-Essay-Help has made its mark among the most exclusive services. Just take a look at the customer reviews and you will immediately see that the quality offered by the writers is impressive. To achieve such a high standard, the platform really makes sure to follow every requirement that clients may desire. This, of course, eliminates any possibility of plagiarism or delivering a low-quality essay. In fact, the platform boasts of its 98% customer satisfaction rate, capturing it along with its other statistics at the top of their website. Of these 98% customers, 87% return for more orders. This proves that Online-Essay-Help already has a strong user base that fully trusts its services. >But what do they really offer their users? The website shows at a glance what can be achieved with their services. These include better grades, more free time, improved personal academic standards, and a bright outlook for academic performances.

This is how they achieve the highest quality:

  • Security and anonymity – No one will know that you have used online-essay-help.net, thanks to data encryption, which is used on the website.
  • Perfect deliveries – Every delivery is always completed within a few hours before the deadline.
  • Customized – An assignment is always unique and plagiarism-free, which has to go to the most appropriate writer.
  • Quality control – Before being sent, all papers are checked and proofread to ensure the highest quality.
  • Adjustable prices – Prices are adjusted not only to the characteristics of the assignment, but also to each individual.

It will also be useful for you to see all reviews.

Payment Options

Nowadays, offering only one service is not enough for a responsible and trustworthy website. It is also essential to be able to offer a secure and reliable payment service. That is why Online-Essay-Help has relied on the two most popular payment methods known worldwide. Currently, the site offers both Visa and MasterCard to make payments with debit and credit cards from any part of the world. These payments are processed immediately so that the writer won’t have to wait before starting the assignment. To give its users extra security and reliability, online-essay-help.net also ensures that every transaction is encrypted to protect both personal and financial data.


A successful delivery could never have any failure if an academic service wants to offer a premium service. That’s where Online-Essay-Help brings their guarantee and knowledge to the table. Given the danger of a paper, be it an essay, an article, or a review, being plagiarized, Online-Essay-Help sets its writers the highest possible standards. Before a paper is submitted to a user, it will have to be checked and verified as much as necessary, no matter who the writer is. It will then go through plagiarism software to ensure that the writer has written everything by hand and in the most authentic way. But that doesn’t make an essay ideal. In order to have a flawless paper, the delivery must also be pristine of grammatical errors and have an extraordinary consistency. Only by demanding strict requirements from the writers, Online-Essay-Help makes sure that every assignment gets done perfectly.

Some of these conditions for writers are:

  • Have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in one of the academic disciplines;
  • Demonstrate at least 3 years of writing experience;
  • Current samples of legitimate work;
  • Complete the English proficiency test on the website;
  • Write a test essay that must be passed.

Only native English writers are hired, who have to be always aware of new rules and actualities in the English language. It is surprising to see that, in order to position themselves as a premium site, Online-Essay-Help do not work with freelance writers from India, South Africa, or Kenya.

Is the Site Legit?

We have mentioned that the Online-Essay-Help team has 10+ years of experience, but this is only one of the many features. The site was created in 2014 and did its best to immediately establish itself among the most legitimate academic services on the internet. What makes Online-Essay-Help stand out is the privacy towards the users, which ensures their anonymity, both in delivery and payment.
Therefore, the service is ideal for both individuals, such as students or workers who need a helping hand, as well as for companies that need premium written content and projects.


  • Simple and effective – The first thing you’ll notice is how well designed and intuitive the website is.
  • Incredible variety – Not many online academic services manage to offer more than 32 disciplines at the highest level.
  • Positive ratings – One thing that Online-Essay-Help is very proud of, which is very understandable, is that 98% of their customers are satisfied, and 87% keep coming back.
  • Tailor-made – Each order is completely unique and flexible. In addition, the site always ensures that the assignment goes to the best writer.
  • Fast turnaround times – The site ensures that they are able to deliver perfect assignments in less than two hours.


  • Insufficient payment methods – Even if the site only wants to implement the most secure and international payments on the internet, it would be convenient to add e-wallets and some other secure alternative payment methods.

To Sum Up

It is not easy to thoroughly review and analyze an academic service, especially as individual and tailor-made for clients as Online-Essay-Help. And yet, the experience was delightful from the very first moment, and as you get to know more about the platform and especially the services, there is no doubt that this is one of the best academic services in 2021.

Whether for a specific course or for work, something as personal as an essay is done as if you had written it yourself. Online-Essay-Help does its best to make its users’ experience unbeatable, and it shows in the statistics that the site prides itself on. Without a doubt, online-essay-help.net is not only easy, but spectacular in every way.

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