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we do not recommend "Essaywriter.College" is a service where you can get help with your academic assignments. If you need help with something like a research paper, or a dissertation, you can hire a professional writer and get the work done for you! They cater to four different academic levels from high school to PHD, and also cover a huge array of different subjects like law, and social studies.This online service is easy to use and has a simple order process. They also benefit from a simple pricing structure that is based on a price per page scheme. You also get contact with the writer, and the service includes unlimited revisions which is not widely available from other writing platforms. Currently, you can also gain a 50% discount on their regular prices which is a huge benefit.In this Essaywriter review, we analyse the different aspects of their service. We look at their pricing, the services on offer, payments, and pros and cons. This is so that you can choose an essay writing service with confidence and see if this particular platform is one you would benefit from using!

Pricing System

If you are looking for an essay writing service, it must be within your means. Therefore, it is important to look at the pricing structure of This online platform has a simple pricing structure that is easy to understand. In terms of affordability, they are not one of the cheapest writing services available. However, you pay for what you get! It is clear that the writing quality is better, and you are essentially paying for a better service.There are three components that determine the price per page from this Essaywriter review – turnaround, number of pages, and the academic level.

  • Deadline: ranging from 12 hours to 8+ days.
  • Academic level: ranging from High School to PHD.
  • Number of pages: from a minimum of one page.

The longer the deadline, the less you pay. For example, a high school paper required in 12 hours costs $21.25, whereas a high school paper required in 8+ days costs $15.00. This is a decent saving and it is worth considering when planning your work.

Also, the higher the academic level, the more you pay. For example, a one-page college paper required in 8+ days costs $18.00, whereas a PHD paper for the same parameters costs $30.00. This is expected due to the increased complexity and requirements as you progress through academic years. Overall, the prices are OK, and unlike some writing services, you don’t pay a huge amount more for a quicker turnaround.

Format, writing type, and extras

But what else do you get for these prices? The basic price includes proofreading, unlimited revisions, formatting, a bibliography if required, and direct contact with the writer. Also, the standard formatting for their papers is 300 words per page, Times New Roman font, 12pt, and double-spaced. They can also offer specialist services like speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and mathematical calculations. However, these must be made via special requests and the prices will vary accordingly.


Types of Services

The main part of this Essaywriter review is looking at what services they provide. Compared to some other platforms, their services are limited simply to essay writing. This does cover a wide range of paper types like research papers, dissertations, and simple essays. However, they don’t currently offer any other writing aids or facilities. You can find more information about the services offered below:
Writing level

This online writing service provides four different academic levels of writing – they basically cover all levels of education:

  • High School.
  • College / University.
  • MBA/Master.
  • PHD.

As you can see, they cater for all academic levels in middle to higher education. When compiling this review, we also noted that the writers only cater for that specific academic level. For example, if you requested a high school level paper, the writer could not over or under write – this means the paper you receive will accurately reflect the academic level you are studying at.

Subjects covered

When choosing an essay writing service, you want the confidence that the writer has actual knowledge of your chosen subject. This is a little grey area for The wording of their website texts leaves for a little interpretation. For example, they state that your assigned writer will very likely hold a graduate degree in the chosen subject. They do not guarantee that your writer has a degree in your chosen subject – this may put some people off.

For general subjects, however, this service covers an excellent range and virtually anything you can think of. The following are just some examples of the covered subjects:

  • Business.
  • Law.
  • Political Science.
  • Sciences.
  • Social Studies.
  • Physical Sciences.
  • Economics.
  • Liberal Arts.

As stated, the website states that they can cover any subject – no matter how obscure. Therefore, you should have confidence that you can get an accurate paper with real research and facts.

Academic Formatting

The formatting of your paper is also important. In many instances, particularly higher education, specific formatting is required. This is usually concerning quotations, and how citations are referenced. Luckily, this service provides specific formatting including the following styles:

  • MLS
  • CMS
  • APA

These are some of the most common academic formats available. However, they state that you should simply state in your order details any specific formatting you require, and it will be included as part of the package.

Payment Options

This writing service doesn’t provide a huge array of information about their payment processing. They state that all major credit and debit cards are accepted. This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. They also accept PayPal payments which could be more convenient for students.In terms of how the payment works, you first pay 50% of the total price when ordering your essay. We feel this is fair. You then don’t pay the balance until the work has been delivered. This is a common payment processing system for this type of service. You can also request a refund, however the information on this is limited. They state that you have to request a refund within a specific timeframe, and cash refunds are not available.


Is Essaywriter legitimate?

Of course! This service is completely legitimate. We understand this can be an area of concern. Students do not have unlimited funds; therefore, you want to know that you are spending your money on something that will be beneficial. Essaywriter has plenty of real customer reviews. They also provide sample documents of completed work from previous clients. Their payment processing is also secure, and they have a customer support team that is available 24/7 via live chat or telephone. There are many positive aspects to their platform including the writing quality, delivery times, and professionalism of the writers. New customers can also request a free trial of their services which includes a small sample paper, and an example plagiarism report.

Essaywriter Review Summary

We hope you have benefited from reading this Essaywriter review! Overall, we feel this platform offers a good mix of quality and flexibility. Their prices are certainly more expensive than many other writing services. However, the increased price relates to a much higher writing quality and service from their database of writers. Their website is also easy to use, and they have a simple ordering process, and payment system.There are some areas for improvement too, however. For example, many writing services allow you to choose your writer. Essaywriter does not do this – you are assigned the best-fit writer based on the order details you submitted. Also, we would like them to guarantee that the writer chosen has specific qualifications in the subject you require a paper for.These minor improvements do not detract from the overall quality and reliability of the service, however. If you want the best quality, and accurate, plagiarism-free papers, Essaywriter is certainly a great choice.


  • Free unlimited revisions with each paper.
  • Cover virtually any available subject.
  • Offer specific formatting like APA and MLS.
  • The website is easy to use and detailed.
  • No plagiarism guaranteed.
  • Translation experts available for different languages.


  • Not as cheap as some other writing services.
  • You cannot choose your writer – a writer is assigned.
  • No guarantee that the writer has qualifications in your chosen subject.
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