Money-Back Policy

Overview of the money-back policy

The Quality Assurance Team is tasked with conducting a thorough investigation when a money-back request is initiated. The investigation is a two-faceted process that involves actions taken from your end and our end.

Your end:

The only thing that you need to do is to use one of the available communication channels to contact our Support Team. You can reach us via email, phone, or live chat. Explain the difficulty that you are experiencing with your order.

At this stage, you need to be as clear as possible to hasten the investigation process. Providing vague information will only delay the investigations further.

As soon as the cancellation request is received, the Support Team moves it to Under Investigation status. Kindly note that any order put in this status is kept on hold, and money cannot be paid to the writer. Neither can the writer upload any files on it.

Our end:

Our end consists of a complex process that may take up to three (3) business days. Here is what our team does:

  • Check the complaint sent by the Support Team extensively
  • Check the initial requirements of the order, including the topic, its description, materials attached, deadline, and any other special instructions
  • Check the conversation on chat with the writer
  • Check the paper provided by the writer
  • Compare the complaints against the paper provided
  • Based on the results of our investigations, determine whether the client deserves a refund
  • If the client is eligible for a refund, return the amount (as stipulated in our refund policy below) to the client’s account. The amount refunded can be used for future orders
  • Send a letter about the findings of the investigations. The follow-up letter will be sent to the primary email provided by the client
  • Implement a disciplinary measure, which includes blocking, banning, or fining the writer who failed to follow an order’s instructions.

The Refund Policy

Here are the pertinent questions that define our Refund Policy:

How does it work?

All cases presented to us are assessed on a case-to-case basis because of the unique reasons that may necessitate a refund. Kindly note that we may request additional documentation that proves that the presented paper is of low quality. An example would be a plagiarism report, a scanned copy of your professor’s feedback, or any other acceptable proof of low quality.

Should you find it necessary to request a refund, you simply need to send a request to the Support Team. The case will be open and put “Under Investigation.” It is then forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department (QA). The QA then analyzes the complaint against the initial instructions and the paper provided by the writer. It then uses its discretion to evaluate the complaint and issue a refund based on its findings.

How do I complain?

The process of complaining is very simple. You just need to contact the customer care representative through any of the provided communication channels, which are email, telephone, live chat, and message board. Customer Support is available 24/7 to respond to all your concerns about your orders. You should take note of the Refund Period as we shall not be obliged to issue refunds requested after the expiry of the Refund Period.

What is Refund Period?

The Refund Period is the time between the order’s deadline and three business days after it. Therefore, a client can request a refund any time within three days after the deadline of the order.

When am I eligible to get 100% back?

It is possible to get 100% back when:

  1. You cancel the order before it has been assigned to any writer. You can also get a full refund if you cancel within 15 minutes after the order has been assigned to a writer;
  2. If you accidentally pay twice for a single order, we will process the refund of the second payment after you have confirmed it is an accidental payment. If you don’t confirm, we will assume that you want both orders, and our writers will be set to deliver both;
  3. If you receive an order after the deadline and you do not need it anymore. You can request a full refund only if you haven’t downloaded the paper. In such cases, you cannot use the paper, and we can publish it as a sample on our website;
  4. If the writer has plagiarized the paper with plagiarism exceeding 10%;
  5. If 70% of the paper is of unsatisfactory quality. This will depend on the number of mistakes made by the writer.

When am I eligible to get a partial refund?

You can get a partial refund if the QA department evaluates the request refund and recommends a partial refund.

  1. Up to 70% if you cancel an ongoing order that its order time has not passed half of the time before the deadline;
  2. Up to 50% if you cancel an ongoing order that its order time has passed half of the time before the deadline. It is assumed that the writer has done some significant amount of work and must be compensated;
  3. Up to 70% if the order is submitted late, but you would still like to use it. The refund is calculated according to the nearest deadline option;
  4. Up to 70% if the quality of the paper is unsatisfactory;
  5. Up to 70% if the writer did not follow the instructions fully but some parts of the paper are still usable;
  6. Up to 70% if an order is delivered after the order deadline, but you download it

Are the cases of no refund?

Yes, there are several instances when the refund request is not possible.

  1. If you receive an order and accept it, releasing the money to the writer;
  2. If you receive an order in time but fail to download it in good time;
  3. If your order receives a low mark. We consider this a subjective notion;
  4. If you submit our writer’s paper to your professor and you are caught;
  5. If you complain about plagiarism without any evidence;
  6. If you just state that you are not satisfied with the paper;
  7. If the order is late because you failed to provide important materials or information needed to complete the order;
  8. In case of any damages that may arise out of using the website, e.g. computer software malfunction;
  9. In papers such as math, if you accept them, we assume you have approved them. You can only qualify for a refund if you get less than 50% incorrect in a multiple-choice questions paper. You will need to provide evidence for this.